Şanlıurfa High Speed ​​Train Project

Important development of the Ufa high-speed train project 1
Important development of the Ufa high-speed train project 1

Şanlıurfa AK Party Deputies Mehmet Ali Cevheri, Gülender Açanal, Halil Özşavlı and Ahmet Akay General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydınvisited the office and received information about the Şanlıurfa High Speed ​​Train project.

Sanliurfa was included in the high-speed train train between Gaziantep and Turkey. Şanlıurfalılar constantly brought to the agenda and should come to the so-called high-speed train for the project Urfalı deputies TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın they visited.

AK Party Şanlıurfa Member of Parliament Açanal made the following announcements to Urfanatik regarding the issue by giving the good news that they are about to complete the high speed train projects.

“I talked to TCDD General Manager 2 months ago about Şanlıurfa's High Speed ​​Train project. He said that Urfa's High Speed ​​Train project will be ready by the end of 2019. I have insisted that they have worked as a team to get the project to the fore and they prepared it. We visited today. We visited the Şanlıurfa deputies and gave us a briefing. We will try to put our deputies in the budget. If it is put into the 2019 budget, I hope that the tender will be made at that time, the project will begin until the end of 2020. In the Şanlıurfa Organized Industrial Zone, a cargo station will be built and Osmanbey Campus will later be directed towards Mardin. We have made requests to pass between Viranşehir and Ceylanpınar on April 2020 in Aligörden. Said. (İbrahim Çakmak - Urfanatik)

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