4 Giant Project for Mevsim Uludag

Giant project for 4 seasons
Giant project for 4 seasons

Turkey's year, although the most important winter tourism centers just in Uludag is the 3-4 month mobility, year by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to be a tourist area that contributes to 12 bear the city's economy Uludag Hotels 1. Development Area Sports Facility Living Area and Storey Car Park Project was prepared. Mayor Alinur Aktas, 750 vehicle parking lot, ice rink, climbing wall, traditional archery area, basketball and volleyball fields, cafeterias and recreation areas will find a separate value added to the facility Uludag said.

Bursa's future vision as tourism, Uludag, coast, lakes, waterfalls, such as longoz to prepare all the natural values ​​of the city to prepare projects that prepare Bursa Metropolitan Municipality began from Uludag. Although Turkey's most important ski centers in recent years, especially in the season can not achieve the expected contribution to the economy in city driving because of the short Uludag button was pressed to serve the tourist season 4. In particular, the city of Uludag on a daily basis to meet the needs of the holidaymakers starting from the Metropolitan Municipality by the 1. Development Area Sports Facility Living Area and Storey Car Park Project was prepared. The facility is projected on an area of ​​approximately 12, while 750 parking garage has a closed car park and the most important problem of Uludağ is parking. The parking lot to be used by the tour buses to Uludağ would be designed as 3 floor. In addition, the facility, which is designed to meet all the needs of holidaymakers especially, will include ice skating rink, climbing wall, traditional archery area, basketball and volleyball courts, cafeterias, rest areas and toilets.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Uludağ 1. He visited the Development Area. Aktaş, who chatted with both holidaymakers and ski teachers, stressed that the project completed will add a different value to Uludağ. Uludag, Turkey's most important symbols from Aktas President underlined that one, "a value should not be considered separately from Uludag Bursa. Many problems that have emerged so far have been tried to be solved by different administrations, but not enough. If our aim is to make Uludağ not only in the winter season but in every season as an indispensable center, the determination of the management model will remove the obstacles to achieving our goal. No need to get on the cable car or road transportation point. However, as we are able to offer our alternatives to the people coming to Uludağ, the attractiveness of this place will increase. . We need to solve a lot of facts from accommodation to service quality, from different seasonal activities to national and international organizations, from health facilities to common areas hizmet.


Returning to Uludağ every investment will be reflected as an added value to the city economy President Aktas, 2017 780 thousand people in the cable car in the last year, the number of 1 last year, reminded me of this number. Noting that the increase of 35 in the number of foreign tourists is a serious value for the city economy, President Aktaş said, değer We are presenting what should be done about Uludağ in almost every platform. Our last Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy's visit to Bursa also discussed the issue. In this respect, we started the Uludag Field Management Management Planning studies with the instructions of the Minister. The plant will prepare a project to solve a significant shortfall in Uludağ. When they came to Uludag, they could only benefit from the services of the hotels. However, when the project is realized, visitors will be able to benefit from this facility. Increasing the number of entry-exit tolls of the National Parks is also among the studies that we follow. Yine

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