The Length of Bursa's Rail System Increases to 114,4 Kilometers

1144 3 XNUMX
1144 3 XNUMX

The Transportation Master Plan, which was planned by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to serve the 2035 million population envisaged in 4 and doubled the rail system lines, was unanimously adopted.

The third session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was held by President Alinur Aktaş. In the session where the agenda item 39 was discussed, Bursa Transportation Master Plan was approved.

Focus on public transport

Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the Bursa Transportation Master Plan is a strategic planning work that focuses on public transportation and gives importance to integration between transportation types. President Aktaş noted that the project undertook the development of fast and high capacity public transport network, reduction of loyalty to the car, promotion of non-motorized transportation, protection of the environment and economic efficiency. Il Last year we took the parliamentary decision on the master plan we have been working on since March. It was a unanimous decision. I would like to express my gratitude to all my council members who supported me. Destek

Seamless configuration

In the framework of the Bursa Transportation Master Plan (BUAP), which is designed for the 2035 million 4 bin 50 population in the year of 500 in Bursa, an institutional system will be created from scratch and the urban transportation system will be restructured to function without any problem until 2035. As of late March when 2019 activities under the project will be an example to Turkey, 114 kilometers extending the metro line will be 18 Total transfer station associated with rail services. Within the scope of the application, a common fee collection system will be introduced in all modes of transportation and other municipal services. 228 km junction arrangement, 60 junction arrangement, 59 new junction construction, 50 kilometer highway corridor revision, including investments such as the project is completed, 37 park-keep track area, 238,6 kilometer cycling route planning, 88.58 ha pedestrian zone, 10 kilometer bike The road project and the 5 mileage pedestrian axis will be available to the residents of Bursa.

Metro double-folded

Within the scope of Bursa Transportation Master Plan, the existing 2 and 2 new metro line will be built in addition. The 22,7 kilometer of the Emek-Arabayatağı metro line will be combined with the City Hospital by extending the 4,9 mileage. The University-Kestel metro line, which has an 43 kilometer, will be extended to X-LUMX and be transported to Görükle. 12 station with 24 station, 4 station with 41 station and 9 station with 28,8 station will be added to University-Kestel line. Within the framework of the Bursa Transportation Master Plan, the Çali-Acemler-Gürsu metro line with the length of 20,7 and the Çalı-FSM-Demirtaş metro line with the length of 2 will be serving the Bursali as the new metro line of 23. Xalx metro station of Ace-Acemler-Gürsu line will take place at 17 station in Çalı-FSM-Demirtaş subway line. With the completion of all applications, the length of the rail system will be increased from 54,6 to 114,4 kilometers.

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