Istanbul Airport Duty Free Zone's 5 Shop 2. Phase Opened

5 store 2 phase of Istanbul duty free area
5 store 2 phase of Istanbul duty free area

The second phase of Duty Free, which was completed at İstanbul Airport, was opened with a ceremony today. In addition to Funda Ocak, the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority, Istanbul Airport Operator Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of UNİFREE and other guests attended the ceremony.

In his speech at the ceremony, General Director of DHMİ 2018 210 XNUMX million people reached the end of the said as follows:

I Our country is in the top ten in the world in civil aviation and in fourth place in Europe. Of course, the 1953, which is the main base of Turkish civil aviation and has been running from success to success since 34, has become a leader in this success by hosting approximately 45 million passengers with a capacity of 70 million.


Of course our veteran Atatürk Airport 3 will transfer all of its commercial flights to Istanbul Airport as of March. When Istanbul Airport comes into operation with full capacity, our country will be the main base of aviation between east, west, north and south axes. Especially in the transit passenger market gün Of course we are looking forward to this day with excitement. Today, Duty Free management is a very important service which will add value to the PR of our airport. Unifree, which carries out this service, is a brand company that serves in many airports including Atatürk, Ankara Esenboğa, İzmir Adnan Menderes, Milas Bodrum and Muğla Dalaman. Istanbul Airport, this outstanding project, is not only a masterpiece of Turkish civil aviation, but it is a very important project that will create awareness with its centers of life. Without further ado, I wish that this outstanding service which will bring our passengers together with the world brands will be beneficial to our country, our sector and our air way. I congratulate all those who have contributed. And my organization, I would like to express my gratitude to myself. Good luck. Hayır

Speaking at the opening of the IGA Airport Operations Executive Director Kadri Samsunlu said: ğ We are very happy to realize a very important step in this path that we have made with the aim of making Istanbul the world's aviation center. We have defined the spirit of Istanbul Airport as the XIXX of the Duty Free area. The phase is being put into operation today. Our goal is to provide an extraordinary and extremely enjoyable travel experience for our passengers using Istanbul Airport deneyim We are very happy to realize the first step of this with Unifree. We will not only serve Istanbul Airport, but will also introduce our country and most importantly Istanbul. We are pleased to bring together the world's strongest brands coming from the world and our country with the people in our commercial areas. Dün

Unifree CEO Ali Şenher said in his speech: FA 29 On October 2018, we are pleased to be performing the FAZ 2 opening of Duty Free areas after the first opening with the airport. We have created a world-wide sounding project with the size of the field, many important brands in the country and abroad and the concepts we have developed, and we created a Duty Free space worthy of the Istanbul Airport we are proud of. In addition to its rich product range, service is one of our main values. N 7 / 24 will serve our friendly sales team who are friendly and personalized according to the needs of passengers to leave unforgettable memories for our passengers from all over the world. Dün

Following the ceremony, DHMI General Manager, who visited the air traffic control tower together with the local governor Ahmet Önal of Atatürk Airport, chatted with the air traffic controllers who served here. The

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