3 Multi-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel Project Plans Approved

3 approved big Istanbul tunel project plans approved
3 approved big Istanbul tunel project plans approved

The plan amendment proposals of the “3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project”, which is stated to provide great comfort in transportation by connecting the roads on the European side of Anatolia and the Anatolian Bosphorus, will be unanimously accepted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments sent the proposals, reports and writings it prepared to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Thereupon, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Planning Directorate made the change of zoning to be made as a report and sent it to the Commissions of Transportation and Traffic, Zoning and Public Works.

1/5000 scale Master Plan Renewal Offer and 1/1000 scale Application Plan Renewal Offer were discussed in the related commissions. Ömer Lütfü Arı, AK Party Group Deputy Chairman, said that they are very pleased to throw beats in order to bring an unprecedented work to Istanbul.


In this tunnel, which will pass under the Bosphorus, there will be both road and rail in one tube. There will be two lane roads in the tunnel, which are suitable for the passage of the railway, on the upper and lower, as well as the arrival and departure.

In the 3-storey tube passage of Istanbul, one leg of the project starts from İncirli and passes through the following districts and districts respectively: İncirli, Zeytinburnu, CevizliBağları, Edirnekapı, Sütlüce, Perpa, Çağlayan, Mecidiyeköy, Gayrettepe, Küçükyalı, Altunizade, Ünalan, Söğütlüçeşme. The second leg is the Hasdal-Çamlık.

The 3-storey tube gate will be integrated with TEM Highway, E-5 Highway, North Marmara Highway and 9 metro lines. The tunnel, which is planned to be completed within 5 years after its construction with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, will be reached in a 31-minute metro line from Incirli on the European Side, to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian Side, consisting of 14 stations with a length of 40 kilometers. It will take approximately 14 minutes by road from Hasdal Junction on the European Side to Çamlık Junction on the Anatolian Side. (MORNING)



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