Osmangazi Bridge's Toll 11 Dollars Canceled and Taken to 35

11 dolardi cancels and charges 35e
11 dolardi cancels and charges 35e

Former Minister of Public Works, Yaşar Topçu, made the first tender for the Osmangazi Bridge. Artillery vehicle 35 told the story of the transition from Osmangazi Bridge, which is the dollar + tax. ”The government didn't tell the truth,” he said.

Former Minister of Public Works Yasar Topcu said, Bay These bridges were hidden from the real people. We're told there's no money from the state pouch. Here are the facts, İşte he said. In the period of their ministries, Osmangazi Bridge's tender is much better than the current conditions suggesting Topçu, the AKP "Build-Operate-Transfer" misuse of the bill and said that the bill was heavily public. Not to the companies that make bridges, noting that the power should be reacted Minister, tepki the contract was signed, the investor made the investment accordingly. They don't have a misdemeanor. Onların

Yaşar Topçu explained the story of the bridge and the terms of the contract at that time to SÖZCÜ:

The CHP supported the Motherland Party and the DSP coalition government from the outside. In 1997, I was in the cabinet as Minister of Public Works. 40 pedestal bridge into the bay to be built into the tender. The Naval Forces commanded that warships could not pass through these foot openings, and that the bridge foot openings would be extended. So we stopped the tender. Shortly after, we went on the suspension bridge. We have set 4 year, operating period 20 year, and toll 11 dollar dollars, including the motorway until Gebze-Orhangazi. We wouldn't give any guarantee that the difference would be met by the State if the vehicle passed through the bridge.

British and Japanese companies won the tender together with Enka. Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz, the Minister of Public Works, I signed the framework contract with them as the Minister of Public Works. We sent concession contracts to the Council of State. The Council of State approved the contract. Motherland-DSP government fell. I left the ministry. Turkey went on an early election. AKP came to power. As soon as he came first investigation Mesut Yilmaz, an investigation was opened against me and ministers Cumhur Ersumer. Within the scope of the investigation, the bridge tender was also examined. They called the General Director of the Highways to the TGNA Inquiry Commission. "What if you don't do this in accordance with the framework contract?" The statement said. He said, 'Appreciation is yours. We can not intervene, 'he said.

Investigation Commission, 'Economic conditions have improved. We make the tender under better conditions. 'And the tender we made earlier was broken. They made contracts with very heavy provisions that we did not have in our contract. Bridge this time we are doing a certain number of vehicles by providing a guarantee and high wages, the public 'treasure money will not come. Contractors will make money from outside. Taxes from the public will not be spent on the bridge 'they said. Contractors have no fault in this matter. He made a bid in the specifications, Now, he wants to get the money he spent on the contract.

If the bridge had been made according to the contract we did not sign, the bridge would be opened to traffic in 2002, so far 16 would be past, the toll would be under the 60. Moreover, this government, separate from the bridge, is charged separately from the highway. There was no such situation in our contract. ”Yaşar Topçu, de It is the AKP government that made it wrong. He misused the build-operate-transfer model. You do not pay the passage, the road without traffic, the bridge, you pay the tunnel. The works to be done with the opportunities of the state are done in the form of build-operate-transfer. Let our state do so because it will pay so much money. The ring is not the truth, the truth is not explained. (Source: SPOKESMAN)

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