100 Billion Euro Localization in Rail Systems

100 billion euros in rail systems
100 billion euros in rail systems

Coordinator of Anatolian Rail Transport Systems Cluster Ilhami Pektas, 2035 100 billion by the year of the XNUMX billion investments are planned to be made. Pektaş, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and ARUS members of the tools to be taken here, domestic and nationalized stressed.

Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) organized Industrial Cooperation Projects (SIP) Workshop at OSTİM with the Ministry of Industry and Technology Department of Industry Cooperation Programs.
The opening of the workshop on rail systems in Turkey and to disclose information about domestic production ARUS Coordinator Dr. İlhami Pektaş stated that the costs of the rail systems have been reduced by half on the condition of domestic contribution.
Pektaş, touching the localization of the rail system to the national economy, told the members of ARUS, AR We started to transfer our domestic and national products to our cities thanks to you. Ray

12 is a municipality using a grain rail
In Turkey, 1980-2012 7 billion euros in rail vehicles, repair and maintenance of striking Pektas 15 billion euros spent, the rail gave the information to 2035 years 100 billion euros in investments planned for the system. Pektaş, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and ARUS members of the tools to be taken here, domestic and nationalized stressed.

Pursuant to the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Cooperation (SIP) for the use of domestic and national products in public procurement, municipalities have advantages in favor of preferring domestic products in rail system tenders. Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli, Kayseri, Samsun, Antalya and Izmir rail systems used in the domestic contribution is available.,

”Percent 51 has had experience in industrialization“
OSTİM Chairman of the Board Orhan Aydin, the late Prof. Dr. He reminded Sedat Celikdogan of his work on the localization of rail systems.

Aydin, Ankara Metro to the 200 near the part that tell the localized Aydin, ği Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Nurettin Özdebir'in support and contribution to us, Ankara Metro tender for the contribution of 51 local contribution to the conditions worked. The Ministry of tenders laid underground and this requirement was a paradigm shift in Turkey. We had an industrialization experience. The way that foreign companies look at us has changed a lot. ARUS came out of this ecosystem. Bu

With the developments in the sector Bozankaya ve Durmazlar Emphasizing that all of the rail systems, such as the domestic output of the companies emphasized Aydın, “We can make the vehicles needed by the municipalities with our companies. We have reached this point right now. Behind this, the Ministry of Industry and Technology friends made a very serious contribution. Here's the opportunity we missed in the car. There is no other way we will do. Kul

Aydin, the local railway companies in the tender for the supply of the local companies should be preferred again.

It will be the first in Turkey
Samsun Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. representative Serkan Salmaz, 3 different brands of 29 has given information that they have a vehicle. Salmaz explained that the costs of stocking spare parts of these vehicles are high and therefore they are turning to localization studies.

Stating that they do wheel bandage work with domestic companies, Salmaz emphasized that they want to meet with the companies that will contribute to SAMULAŞ on the issues of localization.

Serkan Salmaz stated that the localization works are important in terms of the sustainability and economic service of the services. Turkey will be a first. " said.

“Is there a local? need to think düşünmek
ASO President Nurettin Özdebir stated that today's economic problems can be overcome by using local and national products. Özdebir said, “Is there a local for this when purchasing 81 million individual items? I have to think. " said.
Pointing out more production for the solution of the current account deficit problem, Özdebir said that the domestic requirement of 51 is now being placed as a minimum requirement in many tenders.

Özdebir emphasis on success in the defense industry, the confidence with which the study stressed that Turkey's regained. Özdebir continued as follows: çok In this country we need to be able to do more things native. The talent of our people is very fervent. Non-producing countries are doomed to be ruled by others. Because sometimes they don't give it to you even if you have money. They give different price to you even if they don't. 10 sells the product to Germany 15 liraya goods, Africa or 20 is trying to sell pounds. These meetings are extremely important for us to prevent this. Bun

Bozankaya'The Thailand's capital Özdebir reminding his subway to Bango, stressed that the quality of vehicles is taken up with incomparably subway cars in Turkey. Özdebir also reminded that domestic companies should show maximum effort in localization works.

”Tenders should be aggregated“
Ministry of Industry and Technology General Directorate of Industry and Productivity Transport Vehicles Department Head İsmail Aktaş said that they are working to improve the industry and compete in the international arena. Aktas also said that they intend to use it for the first products produced in Turkey.

Aktaş stated that the most important tool for the competitiveness of industry is the public procurement.

Expressing that they have found a lack of planning in rail systems, Aktaş continued his words as follows: de We think that tenders should be aggregated. We work as public. Public procurement is a great opportunity for us. One of the most important tools of our Ministry is SİP. This 2018 was officially approved by the Council of Ministers in February. The regulation came into force after being approved by the President. Cumhurbaşkanı

Share of SMEs with SIP
Hande Ünal, Head of SİP Department of Industry and Technology, gave information about the implementation and principles of Industrial Cooperation Projects. Undersecretary of the Public Procurement Act of SİP underlining that there is an acquisition model underlining that Unal, under normal conditions in the public procurement of the entire process was carried out within the relevant administration.
In the implementation of SİP, it is stated that the industry and technology participation section within each tender is now carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Within this tender, we determine the places where the product is indigenous, whether there will be an export and technological cooperation dimension, how the subsidiary industry will participate, and how much work share will be given to our SMEs. Bu

Ministry of Industry and Technology officials informed ARUS members about SİP. ARUS members then held bilateral cooperation talks. (OSTİM)


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