The reason for the YHT accident Is the early opening of Başkentray?

Is the reason for the YHT accident
Is the reason for the YHT accident

BTS Ankara Branch Chairman İsmail Özdemir made a statement about the cause of the accident. Ozdemir, the line is completed before the completion of the two-year line-up, due to the June elections opened early, so the signalization work could not be completed, he said.

United Transport Workers Union Ankara Branch Chairman Ismail Ozdemir, high-speed train accident related toL'a found.

Özdemir, who stated that there is a line renovation between Kayaş and Sincan, said, UM The number of lines was missing, there was an 3 line and they said yenileme Let's take it to 5 Kay. 2016 was closed to train operation in July, and the 2018 was opened early in April, without waiting for a two-year deadline. The reason for this was the June elections, the populist opening. The line was finished by laying the rails. The signaling wasn't over. The signaling system was supposed to end where there was so much operation. As a result of populist policies, line delivery was done early and temporarily. Pop


Özdemir stated that the train from which line went into a fright, added: ü We gave too much warning as a union but our warnings were not heard. We lost both our friends and passengers Hem.

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