Prof. Dr. Prof.Dr. Dr. Albayrak Ended On His Last Journey

yht kazasinda olen prof dr albayrak started his last journey
yht kazasinda olen prof dr albayrak started his last journey

YHT Ankara University (Ankara), who died in the former vice-rector of Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences Faculty Member. Dr. Berahitdin Albayrak was on his last voyage.

Professor Dr. A funeral was held for Albayrak at the Kocatepe Mosque. Prof. to the funeral prayer performed after the Friday prayer. Dr. Besides the family and relatives of Albayrak, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Rector of AU. Dr. Erkan İbiş and his academician friends attended.

Albayrak's daughters, Hazal and Izel Albayrak, often cried by wrapping in their father's coffin wrapped in the Turkish flag during the ceremony.

After the prayer, Professor. Dr. The funeral of Albayrak was taken to Kırıkkale to be buried.

Administrative investigation in progress

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, said in a statement to reporters after the funeral, he said Turkey experienced the sadness of losing a valuable trained scientist. Turhan said, “We made it to the hereafter today. Today, we attended the funeral prayer to share his pain with his family, May Allah make the place a paradise. ” said.

Turhan, a journalist, the train accident in connection with the signaling system related to the allegations about the cause of the accident with the necessary judicial and administrative investigations on the investigation continues, he said.

Turhan, said:

“The signaling system is a system that we have started to establish in our railways for the last few years. The signaling system is not a sine qua non for railroad management. This additional security is a system we set up on railways to reduce labor and automation. There is no such thing that there is no operation on the railways due to the lack of this system. I present this to your information. Since there is no signaling in public, those who make evaluations as if this was an accident do not make the correct assessment. ”

"Was there system on these trains?" Turhan asked, “This question is not the right question. Signalization systems are a system on railway lines. ” gave the answer.

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