New Hinge Starts Uninterrupted Flights in Intercity Bus Terminal

uninterrupted flights start at the new mentee intercity bus terminal 4
uninterrupted flights start at the new mentee intercity bus terminal 4

With the new Hinge Intercity Bus Terminal, which has been completed by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and will start to serve on 07.12.2018 Friday, new public transportation lines will be added to the routes and 24 hours will start uninterruptedly. 07.12.2018 will be available from Hinge Terminal on Friday as well as 01.00 and 07.00 bus to the stadium, Kötekli and Yeniköy routes.

One of the biggest investments of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, 11 186 400 07.12.2018 80 TL, the environmentally friendly Hinge Intercity Bus Terminal, which is located on the XNUMX, will start to serve on Friday. With the roof of the solar energy system in the roof, which can meet the XNUMX of the electricity needs of the Hinge Intercity Bus Terminal, the new city of the city with the addition of new public transport lines were added to the route.

According to the statement of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the routes have been extended to the new terminal in order to ensure the safe and comfortable transportation of the citizens. The night flights to be implemented in Menteşe will begin and the following comments are given in the statement;

Ası Public transportation vehicles coming from our districts to Mentes and 1-21 Courthouse- Old Hospital RİNG, 1-35 Yeniköy-Kötekli-Tıp Fakültesi and 1-8 Bus Station-Hinge Building Cooperative lines which are already serving in Menteşe district have been extended to the point of intercity bus station to be opened. . In order to prevent the citizens coming to the intercity bus terminal late at night, the 01.00 and the 07.00 will be opened to the public at the date of 07.12.2018. For our citizens coming from our districts to reach without transfer to the city center, the district lines will continue to use the Courthouse Junction stops as before and Uğur Mumcu boulevards will continue to use the same. At the intersection of Atatürk Bulvarı and Zübeyde Hanım Street, their route has been extended to complete the new bus terminal route from the junction of the courthouse. Also; For the first time in the province of Muğla, the new Hinge Bus Station-Stadium-Faculty of Medicine-Kötekli line will be continued uninterruptedly for the first time in order to prevent the victimization of our citizens due to the services they have lifted to reduce the costs of intercity bus companies as they do throughout the country. Ler

Newly opened and extended lines and even expedition information are listed below;

Current Railway Tender Schedule

For 24
For 24

Tender Notice: Level Crossing Guard Service

October 24 @ 14: 00 - 15:00
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