Wrote History of Civil Aviation in Turkey

wrote in civil aviation history of turkey
wrote in civil aviation history of turkey

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan stated that the report of the European Airports Council covering the 2008-2018 period was announced and the report was a reflection and a result of the success story written during the period of the Turkish civil aviation government.

Turhan evaluated the 176-2 period report of the European Airports Council (ACI), which is a member of 2008 bin airport.

According to the report, the country Turhan voicing some of Turkey's last 10 years direct connection point increase 191 percent of the number of Turkey's indirect connection points so 130, airport connections percent 157 and network connectivity to increase the 534 percent maximum magnifies country flight network in Europe said that.

Turhan pointed out that while the rate of increase in the connection rates for the first 5 airport in Europe was examined, the number of direct connections between Atatürk Airport and 10 increased by 104 in the last 65 year, and 81 and XNUMX increased their indirect connections by XNUMX.

Turhan emphasized that Ataturk Airport is the airport that has increased its connection in the first 5 big airport of Europe with these rates.

Yan While we continue our efforts to make Istanbul the center of global air transport, we have crowned our efforts by opening the world's largest airport. I would like to mention with the Ministry of Civil Aviation that we are proud to make Istanbul the air transport hub of the world. It is the airport that increased the connection rate the most. bağlantı

”Sabiha Gokcen Airport increased its port to 929“

Minister Turhan, Sabiha Gokcen Airport by increasing the number of direct connections to the number of 929 2008-2018 in Europe during the year the most improved flight network in Europe received the title of the airport, with the growth rate of 226 in Europe in the second place in Europe, said .

Turhan, the second group of airports, Esenboğa Airport's 169, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport with a direct increase of 131 XNUMX increase rate of the second and third place after the Sabiha Gokcen Airport said they received.

Thus Turhan voicing build airports 10 the first 5 airport in the ranking of airports the first two groups in Europe in Turkey, as well as countries in all airports last 10 years of direct and indirect connectivity rates increased 150 percent of the average he said.

Minister Turhan, öy The report is a reflection and result of the success story of Turkish civil aviation written during the period of our governments Bakan.

Turhan pointed out that the International Airports Council's growth figures indicate the relevance and efficiency of infrastructure investments in air transport, as in many other areas in the last 15 year. Yatırım . In our country, we will continue to work in terms of infrastructure investments and legislation for the sustainable, safe, safe and competitive development of aviation in our country. Hav

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