The North Marmara Motorway Workplaces Are Not Paid

work security of the north marmara highway is not worth mentioning the wages of the workers
work security of the north marmara highway is not worth mentioning the wages of the workers

Two weeks ago, in the construction of the North Marmara Highway, where three workers died and one worker was seriously injured as a result of the collapse of the concrete block in Gebze, workers were reacted to the wages of salaries, safety precautions and poor working and housing conditions.

We are in the hands of the bosses of solidarity, communication, fighting network speaking to the workers at the end of the year, but it is not possible to grow said. Workers, to accelerate the work, poured concrete is not expected to dry, security measures are ignored. One of the workers in the construction site, two weeks before the incident önceki Concrete poured in the rainy air. They said we were going to grow the concrete. In the middle of summer, even if 3-4 is waiting for the day, 2 waited for the day. Yazın

Two weeks ago, the work before the murder of a number of occupational accidents occurred in the workers who expressed the accident, electric shock and fall as a result of many of his friends said.

Three workers died before the concrete block collapsed before the collapse of a dynamite was stated that the explosion may be experienced depending on this is expressed. Subcontracting companies throwing the blame at each other in the event of dynamite blasting, the dynamite explodes of the municipality is also suggested.


Occupational safety experts in the field, indicating that the workers, the day of the incident, many occupational safety experts for the first time they said that they saw in the field. The workers say that the seat belts that are given to them are old and that they cannot use the belts that do not fit their bodies. Workers are not given life rope. Workers are expressing that their safety belt is given as a fake so that only one of their friends falls on it.

The workers, who expressed that the housing conditions were bad, stated that they had to lie in the used beds, there was almost no meat in the meals, the insurances were paid on minimum wage, the remaining salaries were disbursed but they could not get their salaries for three months.

Workers who are not safe from construction to construction, some of them are taken away with braking tools, and the vehicles are not checked, they do not have the eligibility and permissions.


Workers who stated that they had signed a letter of resignation when they entered the job, even if they wanted to quit the job after the job murder, were also lending debts. because they continue to work.

The construction workers of the Northern Marmara Highway, who had contacted the bosses' network, said, lar Enough is Enough! We want to fulfill our demands to work in humane conditions. İn The statement said:


North Marmara Motorway Project, a large part of the area of ​​public-private partnership projects in Turkey and operate again carried out by the same contractor companies: Cengiz-Kolin-Limak- galleon-RSY-PAK. The project made with Build-Operate-Transfer model; The construction period is planned to last for six years and nine months, three years and three months.

The construction of the project is divided into parts and the fourth part is constructed by Limak Holding.

While the richness of the share of Limak bosses, which is enriched by the state guarantees and the project they make, is to die in the work murder. Two weeks ago in the fourth part of the construction of viaducts, three workers lost their lives and one of our brothers was seriously injured.

Just like the other construction sites, the bosses who have revered the deaths also usurp our salaries.

We, as North Marmara Motorway workers, are constantly lingering against our three-month salary requests.

It is enough!

We want to fulfill our demands to work in humane conditions.

• The negligence in the murder of workers must be brought to light and those responsible should be tried.

• Our salaries must be paid urgently for three months.

• Insurance premiums must be paid on the salary we receive, not on the minimum wage.

• All of our salaries should be deposited in bank accounts.

• In order for us to not claim any rights when entering the job, we have to give the resignation papers, which are not the date.

• The condition of the construction site wards and meals should be brought to human conditions.

• All technical controls of the construction vehicles that become threatening to our life safety must be made.

• There should be a medical team and ambulance on site.

• Ended heavy production and operating conditions imposed for fast completion of the project

It should be given.

All North Marmara Highway Construction Workers call our friends. Let's fight together to shout out our demands against the bosses. Let's ask the dead of organizing the account of our deceased working brothers and sisters. Because we know that if we act together we will win. We call upon all our friends who do not submit to solidarity with this network of struggles.

WE ARE IN THE BOSS we meet together, we are stronger together.


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