İZBAN Trains Who Cares?

Who is in charge of trains
Who is in charge of trains

In Izmir, the strike at İZBAN, the lifeblood of the transport, entered the 13 day, while workers informed the public about the strike. In the panel, worker representative Berkant Arda, who touched on the importance of maintenance of İZBAN trains, said that all of the maintenance staff said they were going on strike, and asked, ın How is the maintenance of the trains running right now? Işçi.

İZBAN employees who participated in the interview held in Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center in order to explain themselves to the people of İzmir gave information to the participants. Ahmet Güler, Chief Representative of the Iron Road Work Union, said: G We tried to compromise at the table. We offered many alternatives to keep the employer in a difficult position, but our demands were ignored. The fees are very low. This creates problems in terms of living standards.

A worker with an 2010 entry receives a net 85 with the addition of 2154 daily bonus to the salary. 60-65 hours can work, but retired crushers retiree 25 hours working hours 35-7 hours are working.

Asked by the participants, ın You are on strike to leave the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in a difficult situation siyaset, the workers answered that they have no business with politics, and that they will not play with their breads for such a thing.

IZBAN strike on 12. 342 İZBAN workers of the Railway Workers Union continue their strike with the support of their families, saying that they will not give up their cases without taking their rights.

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