Karakoyun Viaduct and Bridge Interchange Works Continue

Karakoyun Viaduct and Bridge Interlock
Karakoyun Viaduct and Bridge Interlock

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci, Karakoyun Viaduct and Bridge Interchange found.

Stating that the studies are continuing within the planning, Çiftçi said, sür We are the followers of our projects. No stop, continue on the road. Devam Karakoyun Viaduct and Bridge Crossing are still under construction.

Receiving information from the technical team in the field, the President of the Farmer, 10 during the day by making a lane change on the Ipekyol traffic will minimize the intensity of the route, he said.

”We are trying to save the future of Sanliurfa not to save the day“

Underlining that they are about to solve another important problem in Şanlıurfa's history, Mayor Ciftci said, hiç We have produced projects in order to save the future of Sanliurfa, not to save the day.

With such an understanding, we have been in intensive work as Metropolitan cadres. Now there is a Sanliurfa marching towards the future. We need to see this and work in this direction, Bunu he said.

With the completion of the work of the Karakoyun Viaduct and Interchange Junction carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, the traffic problems of the Suleymaniye, Ak Şemsettin, Hızmalı and Karakoyun neighborhoods will be solved and the major roads coming to the region will be connected to İpekyol.

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