Governor Yavuz: "Samsun-Sarp Railway is on the Agenda of our State"

samsun steep rail gundeminde our state
samsun steep rail gundeminde our state

📩 05/12/2018 12:16

Governor of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OTSO) Assembly Seddar Yavuz participated in the Assembly Meeting, asked him a question about the railway; Inde Samsun-Sarp Railway is on the agenda of our state. This project is being discussed in Ankara is being discussed, Ankara he replied.


At the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of Ordu Chamber of Commerce, Governor Seddar Yavuz, Metropolitan Mayor Engin Tekintaş, DOKA Development Agency official Harun Göçer and bank managers discussed the problems and solutions of commercial life. OTSO Chairman Servet Sahin, railway and port as the basic infrastructure problems, while some OTSO members expressed difficulties in the markets. Governor Seddar Yavuz listened to suggestions on investments and the contribution of banks to work and commercial life. The council members also gave the good news that the work would be done for the elimination of the necessary men.


NERSO Sanlioglu OTSO Councilor, Governor Yavuz'a has been dreaming for years in the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project asked the developments. Sanlitürk, the biggest problems in the transportation costs to be more than that by expressing that, fazla There is a huge economic hardship in the market. As the army, our biggest problem is the shipping costs. There are no railways in our area and our city. So the freight cost is too much. There are words from the politicians on the railroad. We do not know at what stage these words are given. We would appreciate if our governor enlightens us on this issue Bu.


Yavuz answered the question of Şanlıtürk. Demir Previously we were discussing the introduction of the railway from Samsun to Ünye and Fatsa. However, the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project, which will cover the whole Black Sea recently, is on the agenda of Ankara. Our politicians and bureaucrats also concentrated on this project. Of course, this project is a very big project. We will persist for this and will keep it on the agenda. This project will change the region's sorrow. I believe that too. Let's all follow together. Let's ask the state of Samsun-Sarp Railway Project persistently, Devlet he said.

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  1. Of course this line is right. In fact, the Ankara samsun project is revised and after Samsun for the first phase, there are not too many geographical obstacles on the road. Thus, the Army is connected to the YHT system. Trabzon is the first stage is required to start from the khachat and Bayburt Gümüşhane torul matchka over the conventional road is made.

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