Response to Turhan: a Signalization is Necessary Uzman

From experts to turhana response signaling is absolutely necessary
From experts to turhana response signaling is absolutely necessary

After the train accident in Ankara, the ın signalization tren discussions continue. Experts, such as Minister Turhan'a responded.

After the high-speed train accident in Yenimahalle, Ankara, Transport Minister Turhan's answer to the question Tur Is there signaling? Tur caused controversy. The experts argued that they did not agree with the Minister Turhan, and argued for the necessity of the signaling system.

First of all, the statement by the President of the United Transport Union, Hasan Bektas, that there was no signaling system before the accident, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Transportation was not refused. Prof. Dr. Okan from the International Logistics and Transportation Department of Okan University. Dr. Prof. Dr. Güngör Evren, Professor Professor Felix Schmid, Professor and Director of the Risk and Security Management at Railton University Railways, made a statement.

According to the news of BBC Turkish 's Fundanur Ozturk and Burcu Cura; Prof. Okan University. Dr. Güngör Evren said, bilir There is no acceptable and technically viable side in the absence of signaling on the high-speed train line. Gün Dir Signaling is a system to provide security to prevent an accident like yesterday. When a train departs, it becomes clear whether there is another train in front of it, the distance between the other trains and the possibility of collision / collision with the signaling system. Ne Evren says he could not believe the news after the accident that there is no signalization.

Train lines are divided into small parts called cantons or blocks and each of these parts is protected by signaling. If there is a green light in front of you in the canton, there is no danger. If it illuminates red, it indicates a danger. Or if it is lit yellow, it indicates that there is a train in the canton but not in the next one and warns that its speed will be adjusted accordingly.

After the accident, 'No signaling' news began to fall, I actually thought it was a claim to be proved, 'I suppose it can't be so' I said. Because the necessity of signaling is not possible to think otherwise.

In no way can you say 'cause the guide train and the high-speed train were on the same rail, we don't know'. If there is no signaling in a place, then the speed of the train should be very low, in which case the high-speed train cannot be mentioned.

Prof. Dr. Okan University International Logistics and Transportation Department. Dr. Contact Gungor directly

”Signaling has two basic functions“

Another view on the issue came from a professor who demanded that his name not be disclosed. Emphasizing that the system has two main functions as ”security or and m efficiency diğer, the academician said, garanti With the signalization, trains are guaranteed to guarantee the safety of the trains, while on the other hand, the train capacity is benefited from as many trains as possible. Sistem

the Train "to act on the same line" said the professor must play a critical role in terms of signaling safety, because there 12 thousand kilometer line in Turkey reported that the signalization of about 5 thousand kilometers.

It is possible to stop a train on the railways at an average speed of 80-100 per hour, but only a few hundred meters. 250-300 meter is the distance of the mechanic in the railways, it is unfortunately not possible to stop the train at this distance. Therefore, signaling systems leave a few kilometers distance between two trains.

more than expected in Turkey train crash occurred

Professor Felix Schmid, Head of Risk and Security Management at Railton University Rail Systems, made explanatory findings on the signaling system. . We need a safe distance from the 1,5-2-3 to ensure that trains stop completely because of the obstacle in front of them, Sch Schmid said.

on the topic "Signaling system is absolutely essential both for the high-speed trains for trains at normal speed." opinion states as Professor Schmid, he said he realized the train accident more than expected in the last few years Turkey.

Professor Schmid argued that the reason for the recent accident in Ankara could be that the security system could not recognize the guide train.

My guess is, the direction was not designed to be able to define the technical guide rail system in Turkey. The guide train was still on the tracks when the train was close.

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