Hit The Locomotive Minibus In Usak 1 Injured

usakta locomotive
usakta locomotive

Coşkun Albayrak, the driver of the minibus who was hit by a locomotive behind the carriageway in Banaz district of Uşak, was seriously injured.

The accident occurred yesterday at the 12.00 ranks in the uncontrolled level crossing near the village of Öksüz, Banaz. The spare locomotive, which was used by M.S, who went to Uşak from Banaz and had not installed a wagon in the rear, was hit by a van at the level crossing with the 64 FH 985 license plate under the direction of Coşkun Albayrak. With the impact of the impact, the minibus was slammed into the trees next to the level crossing. In the accident, the driver of the minibus was seriously injured.

The driver of the minibus Albayrak, 112 Emergency Service teams removed Uşak Training and Research Hospital. It was learned that the driver was not in danger of life.

An investigation into the accident has begun.

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