Those who want to go up to Uludağ

uludaga ropeway
uludaga ropeway

One of the favorite holiday centers of winter tourism in Bursa, Uludag, who want to spend the weekend about 2 thousand people, long queues in front of the cable car.

Uludag, one of the favorite holiday resorts of winter tourism, was flown by holidaymakers due to the approach of the New Year and the weekend holiday. In recent days, heavy snow and storm in the air as a result of the location of the citizens flocked to Uludag. In the early hours of the morning, the ropeway began to grow. There was a queue of meters on the road because of the crowd that couldn't fit into the station. Citizens stating that they have gone to Uludag for the semester breaks, "We have not before the teleferiğe do not ride this landscape for the intensity of the cable car, but the view is beautiful," he said.

The lowest air temperature in Uludağ was -16 below zero and the highest air temperature was -7 below zero. In addition, snow thickness was determined as 44 centimeter in Uludağ.

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