President of UDEM-Haksen Peker: "The Minimum Wage Should Be Net 2350 TL"

udem haksen head peker minimum salary net must be 2350 tl
udem haksen head peker minimum salary net must be 2350 tl

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transportation and Railroad Employees Union, said, “When determining the minimum wage commission, the employees must determine the hike, electricity, water, natural gas, transportation, education, and more importantly, at least 30% of the price hikes to food. . So if we calculate these increases, it should be 2.350 TL.

Our proposal as a union to the Minimum Wage Detection Commission should be determined by seeing how they continue their lives by going to the home of a minimum wage, not at the desk.

About 7 million employees who are interested in the current 1.630 TL, the current raise is sufficient only for food expenditure. We can't ignore this. Almost all of the minimum wage workers are doing additional work.

The appropriation allocated to migrants who have taken refugees after migration, which has shaken the cultural values ​​of our country and disrupted the socio-economic balance, should be reserved for our self-struggling people who struggle to survive with minimum wage. Considering that millions of minimum wage workers are receiving wages at the limit of hunger, this issue should be evaluated conscientiously rather than social opinion and human wages should be presented. ” said.

Transport and Railroad Workers Union President Abdullah Peker, TCDD and its affiliates (TÜDEMSAŞ-TÜLOMSAŞ-TÜVASAŞ) as a subcontractor in the work of thousands of personnel is still not resolved, the Ministry of Labor said they expect to be interested in the issue.

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