Between Turkey And Serbia Motorway Construction Agreement Signed

Serbia turkey with the agreement was signed between the motorway construction
Serbia turkey with the agreement was signed between the motorway construction

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan signed a Commercial Agreement on the Design and Construction of the Belgrade-Sarajevo Highwaynın, Türkiye-Sırbistan arasında çok önemli bir başlangıç olduğunu belirterek, "Türkiye olarak Sırbistanıs We consider it important for the stability of the region. ı

As part of his contacts in Belgrade, Serbia, Turhan met with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Lajic also attended the talks between the delegations held after the head-to-head meeting at the government building.

Turhan, Mihajlovic and Ljajic, the Serbian government after talks between Turkey and Serbia Roads and Belgrade-Sarajevo highway from Taşyapı firm of Design and attended the signing ceremony of the Agreement Relating to Commercial Building.

Turhan, at a press conference held after the signing ceremony, said that this agreement is a very important start between the two countries, stressed that they see as an important country for the stability of the region as Serbia and Turkey.

Common borders if Serbia's evaluation Turkey as a neighboring country, noted that the indication of the importance given to bilateral relations Turhan, excellent relationships in nature will be an example to the region between the two countries pointed found.

That the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan last year in October in bilateral relations with partners signed during his visit to Serbia entered a new era and the High-Level Cooperation Turhan striking the Council of the establishment, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic during his visit to Turkey in May recalled that the first meeting of the council was held.

Turhan stated that the excellent level of relations with the President Erdoğan's plans to make a visit to Serbia in May will be further improved. This visit will be more meaningful because it is the year.

At the first meeting of the High Level Cooperation Council, Turhan reminded that two consensus was signed in the fields of transport and communication.

Mr. Turhan stated that the bilateral relations in the fields of transportation and communication are further developed with these texts and he emphasized that the countries cooperate closely in the Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway Project.

Turhan said that Turkish contractors have carried out important projects in the Balkans and ı Taşyapı is one of the successful companies of our country. We are delighted that he has undertaken such a large project in Serbia. Sırbistan

Turhan said, etmek I would like to express that this agreement was a very important start between the two countries. We see Turkey as important for the stability of the region is Serbia. "he said. (UAB)


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