Minister Turhan: "Investigations Regarding the Train Accident Continues Versatile"

investigations on turhan train accident
investigations on turhan train accident

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, M. Cahit Turhan, stated that the investigations regarding the cause of the train accident in Ankara are continuing in many ways and said, “We will share the results with the public as soon as possible. Of course, what is necessary will be done about the mentors. " said.

In the General Assembly of the Parliament, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Highways, Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Directorate General of Civil Aviation; Ministry of National Education, Higher Education Council, Ösym Presidency, the Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey and the progress of negotiations with 125 university's Middle East Institute of Public Administration budget.

Speaking on the budget of his Ministry, Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, wished God's mercy to the citizens who lost their lives in the tragic train accident in Ankara on Thursday morning, condolences to their relatives and nation, and urgent healing to the injured.

Turhan said that there was an intensive negotiation about this incident in the Assembly and found that these evaluations and human sensitivity were very valuable and they followed carefully.

Turhan said, “Our focus is on human life and safety. In this context, investigations regarding the cause of the accident continue in a multifaceted manner. We will share the results with the public as soon as possible. Of course, the necessary will be done about the mentors. " he spoke.

Turhan, the biggest deficiency for years in Turkey, said that there were issues in investment in transport and communications.

Stating that this problem, which is very closely related to socioeconomic life, has been one of the areas that political governments have tried to solve for many years, Turhan said, “Especially transportation-based regional inequalities have been the biggest wound of our country for years. Problems in transportation and communication caused an inadequate and unbalanced development, and our country's sectoral and regional development did not follow a balanced course. he spoke.

Minister Turhan, the highway infrastructure to make much stronger by strengthening national and international corridors, extending the standards of railroads in every corner of the country by increasing the level of service and traffic safety, stating that the neglected railways for many years, put the focus of re-delivery policies reported.

Turhan said that Turkish Airlines has become a global brand preferred by the citizens of the country, as well as the citizens of the world.

Turhan, Turkey at the maximum level of the rich marine resources they realized many accomplishments in order to benefit, it is a natural consequence that a shipbuilding industry that can compete with the world today, and stressed that Converged an effective maritime sector.

Drawing attention to the advances in the field of information and technology, Turhan said, “We have eliminated the ongoing negativities one by one with our changing transportation and communication policies. We have strengthened our country's global position and value creation with our projects that make a worldwide impression. " used the expression.

Turhan stated that transportation and communication investments will play a locomotive role in reaching 2023, 2053 and 2071 as they directly or indirectly affect the development of other sectors.

Until today, the transportation and communication infrastructure investment amount of 537 billion pounds, which is part of the 100 billion liras of the public-private sector was carried out in cooperation with the Turhan, large and small 3 thousand 510 said they are in an effort to complete the project.

"The number of vehicles increased by 15 percent in 156 years"

In the last 15 year, the number of vehicles is 156 percent and the traffic on the road increased by 151, which attracts attention Turhan, said:

“Our highways perform an important service in meeting the increasing transportation demand. We increased the length of the divided road to 26 thousand 637 kilometers, 39 percent of our road network and almost all of our main axes became divided roads. As a result, our cruising speed has doubled. Travel times have been cut in half. Now 81 percent of traffic travels on divided roads. In this way, we have achieved a reduction of 17 million 700 thousand tons in emission release as well as 3 billion 294 million lira of labor and fuel savings. "

Stating that they made 25 kilometers of the road network hot coated with bituminous, Turhan stated that they have completed 204 percent of the east-west corridors and 90 percent of the north-south corridors that will provide connections with border gates, ports, railways and airports.

Minister Turhan stated that they increased the length of the highway to 2 thousand 842 kilometers within the framework of the motorway mobilization and that they will open the entire Northern Marmara Motorway, including the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which was put into service in 2016, in 2020.

Turhan stated that they will finish the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway, including the Osmangazi Bridge, in 2019, and said:

“In 1915, we are opening the Malkara-Gelibolu-Lapseki section of the Kınalı-Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Balıkesir Motorway, including the 2022 Çanakkale Bridge, which will be the world's largest middle span suspension bridge. We aim to finish the Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı Highway on September 9, 2019, which is a meaningful day. We aim to open the Ankara-Niğde Highway, which will make the Europe-Middle East highway connection uninterrupted, in 2020. We made the Aydın-Denizli highway tender on November 27, the evaluation process continues. We are making the tender for Mersin-Çeşmeli-Erdemli-Taşucu Highway on December 18th. We realize all these big projects with the build-operate-transfer model. "

Turhan made the following evaluations on build-operate-transfer model

“Thanks to the political and economic stability provided by our governments, we have had the opportunity to implement high-cost projects with foreign financing support. We do not use public resources in the construction of these urgent and priority projects of our country, but if the income obtained after the projects are put into service is less than the guaranteed income, the difference payment is made to the contractor company during the operation. The investment cost of ongoing projects that we have done as the ministry with the build-operate-transfer model until now is 132 billion TL. On the other hand, 5 billion 285 million TL has been paid to the contractor companies for the projects in question. We should not only look at the projects in terms of construction costs. Maintenance, repair and improvement costs that will arise during the operation period after the completion of the project are also covered by the contractor. In addition to all these, we had the opportunity to transfer more public resources to other social transportation projects thanks to this model. "

"The length of the tunnel reached 463, the length of the bridge and viaduct 586 kilometers"

Stating that they have increased the tunnel length on the highways to 463 kilometers and the length of the bridge and viaducts to 586 kilometers, Turhan reminded that they opened the Ovit Tunnel, the longest double road tunnel in Europe, this year.

Turhan, with the Ovit Tunnel in the winter conditions of the trip has ended, and the way they open the way throughout the year and stressed that they have rendered service.

Turhan stated that with the opening of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel between Izmir and Manisa, the travel time has decreased to 15 minutes, and that the transportation time has decreased to 20 minutes with the tunnels opened between Şırnak and Cizre this year.

Turhan said that they saved 23 million hours of workforce and 30 thousand tons of fuel in a year thanks to the Eurasia Tunnel and that they saved the residents of Istanbul from 18 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

"We transferred 7 billion 768 million lira to the Treasury"

Turhan stated that they performed over 11 million vehicle inspections this year. Turhan said, “We have transferred 7 billion 768 million TL to the Treasury until today. We also show sensitivity to the protection of nature in the projects we carry out for sustainable development. In this context, we have planted 16 million trees in 62 years around these projects. Our goal is to ensure safe travel at all times on roads dominated by green. " he spoke.

Turhan reminded that they have implemented huge projects such as Marmaray, high-speed train lines, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, and the number of passengers carried on high-speed train lines reaching a thousand 213 kilometers near 45 million.

Turhan, who said that the cities expanding around it became almost suburbia of each other thanks to the high speed trains, said:

“Our electrical and signal line move, which we started to reduce transportation costs and to reinforce its feature of being an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, continues. We increased our electrical line length to 5 thousand 467 kilometers and the length of the signaled line to 5 thousand 746 kilometers. An issue called signalization is constantly being discussed. Especially in the last 12 years, we have increased the length of signaled lines on our railways over 9 thousand kilometers to 5 thousand 746 kilometers. In our railways, it provides 746 train transportation services with its signaling system and 493 train transportation services with its train officer, it is not essential.

Stating that they have also realized domestic and national production mobilization on railways, Turhan said, “We started to produce railway vehicles with national design for the first time. In freight transport, we attach special importance to logistics centers with connection points. We put 21 of the 11 logistics centers we planned for regional development into service. We aim to increase the share of railways in freight transportation with our connection lines to load centers such as mining sites, factories and organized industrial zones. We are making this investment in cooperation with our industrialists. ” said.

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