The Gospel of the Upper Passage from Türel to University Students

from top to university students
from top to university students

President Menderes Türel, who is a guest of the university students, said that until the intersection of the intersection project, the university will enter the northern entrance of the university in January and will be provided with an overpass.

Menderes Türel, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, was the guest of the students staying in the Kepez Yükseköğretim Male Student Dormitory within the scope of the Career Days of the Society of Propagation Society. Describing the services of Türel, students answered questions. Türel stated that they are dealing with many services such as infrastructure, superstructure, rail system and vision projects. Alty These are very important for the financial development of a city. If you don't invest, we won't be able to offer you jobs. On the one hand, we are trying to make investments that will open the new business gate areas, while on the other hand, we also care about other services that will enable the spiritual development of our city. Bir

Intersections benefit students
President Türel noted that they made 27 junction at this period in Antalya and said, de We are bringing the rail system to 55. These projects are important for our youth. In the past, while you are wasting hours in traffic for hours, you are now coming to your school or home more quickly. The time you spent wasting your time on the road maybe you can use your work more. In other words, those who say. What is the benefit of the junction? However, it can be said that it is an important benefit in terms of facilitating education. Hal

The right character for spiritual development
Türel stated that municipalism is the art of skill that facilitates human life. Üne We endeavor to sign the works that will make life easier for you from the birth of people to the death. And all the while making them, are in Antalya execution in both material and moral development along the same effort as in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Abdullah Gül made. "Cities determine the character of people," says Iskender Pala. We are trying to establish a proper, moral, accurate character in our city. Not so much in 2009-2014, when we were not in this city, the mayor had the Beer Festivals behind the character he was trying to load into the city. There was a mayor who said ağ I'm going to burn people who will build a crematorium bir because I can't get a place in the cemetery. None of this was said to be an unreasonable saying. In the 2014, God won the election in 30 March. A week later, at the place where the beer festival was held, I was happy to say that we organized a week of Mevlidi Nebi with Nihat Hatipoğlu. But while a beer festival was held in the same place before us, a young man died there. Ama

Demolished overpass will be built at the Cultural Junction
Answering the questions of the students, President Menderes Türel said, t This is the responsibility of our highways. Highways will make the crossroads of the Cultural District junction. The construction of this intersection will begin soon after. Now the overpass is located in the area where the desired location intersection will be made. So when the construction of an intersection starts, that overpass will be dismantled from there. This is wasted. Now in our meeting with our highways until the end of January is disassembled, so it will be dismantled, I hope you will put an overpass for a more comfortable transition. Kar

5 mosque project
President Menderes Türel, on a question about mosque projects, said:: I am interested in the construction of 5 different point mosques in Antalya. We opened one of them in the free zone. Our second mosque is about to end in the new Kurşunlu Cemetery. Eroglu Nuri mosque in Finike will add to the beautiful silhouette of Finike. We complete it. We are in the work that will complete a mosque inside Işıklar Garden. And we are continuing the construction of the largest mosque in Antalya with 30 thousand people with the facilities of the municipality. In addition to these, we provide 8-9 million financial support to the University Mosque for works such as landscaping infrastructure connections. In

Garage for trucks and trucks
Türel replied to the proposal that a learner and his trucks should be prevented from entering the city during the peak hours of the traffic: inin We have banned certain times on some main boulevards in terms of trucks and trucks. The biggest problem with this is that Antalya still does not have a truck and truck garage. If there is a truck and truck garage in the city wall, you can create an alternative for these vehicles not to be left in city traffic. This week, we will start working on truck and truck garage. We won't stretch too long. We're going to do something right above the organized industrial zone. Hemen


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