Türel listened to the problems of transportation trades

turel listened to the problems of transportation trades
turel listened to the problems of transportation trades

Menderes Türel, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality who came together with the transportation tradesmen, pointed out that TEDES-EDS started a smear campaign about traffic fines and said, ender The building of the system is still under construction. What a punishment, but someone is confused with such fake tapes. Don't believe it. İnan

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel held a working meeting with transportation tradesmen. During the meeting held in the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles of Antalya, Antalya Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Servicemen, and meeting with the heads of districts, listened to their problems.

In his speech at the opening of the meeting, "2014 so many problems in our transportation trades on hold the service up to the plate since April otobüsçü and drove to solve our room in Turkey have revealed a study that is regarded with envy. While Antalya is growing, the demands of citizens differ. We are trying to respond to all of them as municipality by our own means. Some of us have to solve in Ankara, which exceeds us. We are in an intensive effort to solve them in Ankara. In today's meeting, please forward your requests and we will draw a roadmap for the next works we will do. Bugün

It is noteworthy that the recent campaign of insulting TEDES-EDS was started, and said çeken The time has come for the election, the lies, the slander and the caliper began. There's been a TEDES-EDS thing for two days. I didn't set up TEDES. The more this building is under construction, the more. He didn't get what punishment. But someone is getting confused with such fake tapes. I've mocked social media. Someone wrote today that I have been punished. TEDES-EDS is not possible. I told you I sent the penalty, we learned that the traveling radar was punished. In the 2009, Menderes had slandered the Antelope in the Türel taxi. In this period they began to slander. Don't believe these slanders. Bu

In the meeting, the transportation tradesmen expressed their demands on the removal of the 12 from the 15 of the age limit in the school service vehicles, and the provision of only C-plate vehicles for the schools. Both issues are subject to the regulation of the Ministry of National Education, indicating that Türel, the Ministry of National Education in Ankara to meet the problem for the solution, he said.

President Türel, college and public schools in the service of the different tariffs in the service reminding that they remove the Türel, farklı Private picture does not matter students are students. We've synchronized the tariffs. No one said to get over this. Citizen will pay her to the private school what is paid to the public school. We need to clear the right to justice scales. This is a situation that protects both our tradesmen and our citizens Bu.

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