TÜDEMSAŞ Goes to Sivas, Governor of the Village Olur

tudemsas goes if sivas governor is put put
tudemsas goes if sivas governor is put put

“Sivas has ceased to be a railway city, demir said Abdullah Peker, head of the Hak-Union of Transport and Railroad Employees.

UDEM Hak-Sen President Abdullah Peker in his written statement, "In the past years Sivas Railway City as I was taking first place in tüdemsaş' In the 5 thousand people 4 thousand people a thousand people in Sivas concrete sleeper factory 'TCDD xnumx.bölg the Directorate in Turkey in total 4 thousand people working at the point where we came to a third of this number did not remain.

It is known by everyone that this is nothing but the failure of our politicians and bureaucrats. Every day the number of our employees working in these institutions is decreasing and Sivas economy is shrinking.

In particular, in the days when 5 thousand workers were working at TÜDEMSAŞ, the company was transferring monthly money to the Sivas market with a monthly deposit of 30 million TL. Craftsman satisfied worker satisfied Sivas was in a happy city position. Now, TUDEMSAS 1150 has been transformed into a small institution where people are employed and Sivasa has been hit by a big blow. However, it is desirable to bring it to a completely idle state under the name of not being satisfied. We declare that we will explain to our politicians and bureaucrats all the people of Sivas who will interfere with this situation by means of intervening to this situation and prepare a project against them.


The merger of TÜDEMSAŞ TÜVASAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorates will mean that these institutions will be completely dependent on Ankara by preventing the rantabıl work. Although it is known that the decentralized institutions are more efficient, why such a project has been brought to our agenda is a lot of questions.


After years of exhibiting dirty play projects on TÜDEMSAŞ for many years known 418.000 m2total area, 110.000 m2 closed area they want to destroy this institution. We have determined that the company does not have any works for manufacturing or restoration for the year of 2019.


The importance of TÜDEMSAŞ for Sivas has been repeatedly explained to the public in television and in the printed media and we will not come back. Our politicians and bureaucrats did not show any interest in the subject.

If TÜDEMSAŞ runs out, Sivas ends, TÜDEMSAŞ expires, unemployment in the province is incredibly increased, TÜDEMSAŞ runs out of poverty, if TÜDEMSAŞ runs out, trades are closed and the unemployment rate is doubled. Former TCDD Regional Directorate We want to restore our former TÜDEMSAŞ and Old Concrete Traverse Directorate. Eski


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