Train Crashes should be at the bottom to end!

train crashes should go down to the bottom
train crashes should go down to the bottom

Turkish Transportation-You made a written statement, indicating increased in recent years and the cause of accidents by TCDD to end of this accident which cost the life of many of our citizens should be noted that the in-depth investigation and necessary measures.

Turkish Transport-Sen statement is as follows; “As it is known, 13 people, 2018 of them were machinists, in the accident that took place at 06.36 in the morning at Marşandiz station, the High Speed ​​Train and the Guide Train, which set off to go from Ankara to Konya on Thursday, December 3, 9. lost and 47 of our citizens were injured.

Our citizens who lost their lives in the accident in question God's mercy, we wish a speedy recovery to the injured citizens.


In this accident, our machinist friends Kadir ÜNAL, Adem Yaşar and Hulusi BÖLER lost their lives and became a martyr of the mission. We wish Allah's mercy from our friends, we wish patience for the painful family and relatives. Heaven of the places, the souls of the souls, TCDD The right of the community.


Although it is our greatest wish that such accidents do not happen again, it is essential to make sure that they are responsible and guilty, if any, and to take the necessary measures as soon as possible.

In order to end these accidents, which have increased in recent years and cost the lives of many of our citizens, as the Turkish Transportation-Sen, the causes of accidents should be investigated in depth and necessary precautions should be taken by TCDD.

We believe that it is a big mistake to make the railway personnel accountable only for the accidents which cause the most safe transportation way to the railways.


- Personnel shortage,

- Providing other duties to the railway personnel other than their primary duties.

- There are a lot of duties carried out by the proxy,

- Injustices between staff

- Railway Infrastructure

- Maintenance and repair of railway lines etc.

All these elements are evaluated and we demand the necessary measures to be taken. In other words, we think that it is necessary to go to the bottom to end the accidents.

It is our greatest desire to take all the necessary lessons from the last accident and to solve all problems starting from the bottom.

It should be noted that the Republic of Turkey State Railways require that the confidence of our travels in the development and citizens, and our duty is to do the necessary work of all parties to fulfill this task.

As Türk Ulas-Sen, our citizens who lost their lives in the accident once more mercy from Allah Almighty, the wounded people wish a speedy recovery.



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