Carrying the Tourist on the Republic Street Tram

tourist car waiting for the transport
tourist car waiting for the transport

While tourism professionals make their programs according to Panorama 1326 Ferih Museum, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, who gifted this museum to Bursa, is preparing a new plan for the historical regions.

Tourists who will park the buses in the Panorama Museum are planning a historical tour between Irgandı-Tophane on Cumhuriyet Street tram. Tourists will be toured with battery powered golf carts in the streets of Hisar.

Although, büy President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's program is expected for his official inauguration, but Panorama 1326 Conquest Museum, which is the biggest gift of Osmangazi Municipality to Bursa, fascinates everyone who travels.
Those who step into the first step of the escalator in the conditions of 2018 find themselves in 700 years ago when they enter the giant sphere, and they live in Bursa's conquest scene 6 April 1326 day.
While similar museums revive the battle scene, the Panorama 1326 Conquest Museum makes the world feel the difference as the only panoramic museum with a peace theme.
Bursa tourism also all plans on the process of the next process are on Panorama.
It is aimed that those who visit the panorama of Panorama, which is the only museum planned for the parking of the tourist buses, will be brought together with the living history.
And this…
Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar explained:
Uz We are lifting the history history of Bursa. The arrangements in Hisar, which is the oldest city center, will attract the attention of tourism. En
He emphasized that the tourist buses would park in front of Panorama and said:
Ü Tourists visiting the Panorama will be on the Irgandı Bridge. They will come to Tophane via the historical pedestrian axis Irgandı-Kayhan-Çarşı and will live the history of Bursa on the streets of Hisar Mahallesi. Aya
At this point…
Walking distance from Irgandı to Tophane is a long distance. How will tourists travel this way?
Dündar gave the answer to the question:
Değil Irgandı-Tophane, of course, is a long distance and it is not easy for the tourist to cross this route. Therefore, Cumhuriyet Street tramway can be used on the line. It's a different journey for tourists. Turist
He added:
“We also know that the average age of those interested in history and culture tourism is high. For this reason, we think of cordless golf carts for sightseeing in the streets of Hisar District. So we won't tire tourists. Yani
Thought is exciting.
Indeed, a very special Bursa tour of Bursa's history will be inhabited by living spaces.

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