Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

the ministry of transport and infrastructure ministries
the ministry of transport and infrastructure ministries

Speaking on the budget of the Ministry at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Cahit Turhan, wished God's mercy to the citizens who lost their lives in the train accident in Ankara, condolences to the relatives and the nation, and urgent injuries to the injured.

Stating that there was an intense discussion about this accident in the parliament, and stating that he found these evaluations and human sensitivity very valuable and followed it carefully, Turhan said, “Our focus is on human life and safety. In this context kazanInvestigations into the cause of the disease continue in many ways. We will share the results with the public as soon as possible.” he said.

”Transportation-based regional inequalities are the biggest wound of our country for many years“

The biggest deficiency for years in Turkey, transport and that experienced in investment matters in the field of communication and socio-economic life is very closely related to this issue for many years that at the beginning of the field trying to solve the political power representing Turhan said: "Especially transportation based regional inequalities biggest wound of our country for years It has been. As the difficulties in transportation and communication caused an inadequate and unbalanced development, the sectoral and regional development of our country did not follow a balanced course. ”

Alar There is a railroad in the focus of transport policies “

Minister Turhan, railroads extending in all corners of the country by raising the standards of service and traffic safety, increased the neglected railways for years, put the focus of re-delivery policies reported.

Stating that transportation and communication investments will have a locomotive role in reaching 2023, 2053 and 2071 as they directly or indirectly affect the development of other sectors, Turhan said that 537 billion lira has been invested in the transportation and communication infrastructure so far, the public-private portion of this amount exceeding 100 billion lira. He said that they were trying to complete 3 thousand 510 projects, large and small, that they were collaborating with the sector.

Milyon The number of passengers transported by YHT has approached 45 million “

Turhan reminded that they have implemented huge projects such as Marmaray, high-speed train lines, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, and the number of passengers carried on high-speed train lines reaching a thousand 213 kilometers near 45 million. Turhan said that the cities expanding around the world have become almost the suburb of each other thanks to the high speed trains.

“In order to reduce transportation costs and reinforce the feature of being an environmentally friendly type of transportation, our electric and signal line move continues. We have increased our electric line length to 5 kilometers and the signal line length to 467 kilometers. ”

“We put 21 of 11 logistics centers into service”

Turhan, stating that they have implemented domestic and national production mobilization on railways, said, “We started to produce railway vehicles with national design for the first time. In freight transport, we attach special importance to logistics centers with connection points. We put 21 of the 11 logistics centers we planned for regional development into service. We aim to increase the share of railways in freight transportation with the connection lines we make to freight centers. We are making this investment in cooperation with our industrialists. ” he spoke.

Speaking about urban transportation projects, Turhan said, “We offered Marmaray in Istanbul, Egeray in İzmir and Başkentray in Ankara to the service of our people. Gaziray construction works continue in Gaziantep. ” said.

Ze Gebze-Halkalı Will be put into service at 2019 X

Drawing attention to the fact that the number of passengers traveling in Marmaray has exceeded 300 million to date, Turhan is the continuation of Marmaray Gebze-Halkalı He noted that they are planning to commission the improvement of suburban lines project in the first quarter of 2019.

Geb 6,5 million passengers in Gebze-Halkalı will save time with hat

Thus high speed trains in Istanbul /HalkalıMinister Turhan, who stated that he would serve up to 13, will be integrated with 16 stations from 6,5 stations, and will have the opportunity to travel comfortably and safely by saving approximately XNUMX million Istanbul people. Gebze - where more than a million passengers will benefit dailyHalkalı will decrease to 115 minutes. ” said.

”Kayseri will be connected to Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train via Yerköy“

Giving information about Yerköy-Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Project, Turhan said, “With the completion of 142 km long Yerköy-Kayseri High Speed ​​Train line, Kayseri will join the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train line over Yerköy and join our country's high speed train core network. Our project work has been completed. Following the procurement of financing in 2019, it will be tendered. ” used the expression.

Turhan, 9 billion pounds for the maintenance and repair work on railways, 26 thousand bridges and culmination of the axle pressure was removed to 22,5 tone, all the lines of wood and iron sleepers, all of the concrete traverses were made.

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