IMM's eyn Smart Recycling Container a Spreading to Istanbul

ibn evidirdık recycled container istanbula spreading 2
ibn evidirdık recycled container istanbula spreading 2

. Smart Recycling Container ”, which was developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as domestic and national product, was founded at 6. Pet bottle and aluminum waste equivalent to Istanbulkart'a credit system, the citizens and students receive great interest. Work continues for the establishment of the container in a separate school at 22.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is spreading the Smart Recycling Container project that President Mevlut Uysal introduces to the public throughout Istanbul in order to recycle the packaging wastes that pollute the environment.

The ılığı Smart Recycling Container ', which was developed by IMM for domestic and national production activities and which was a credit to Istanbulkart for pet bottle and aluminum waste, was established at the 6 point of the city.

Citizens and students show great interest in the containers set up in Şişhane Metro Station, (2 units), ITU - Ayazaga Metro Station, Kagithane Poet Yahya Kemal Primary School, Levent Chamber of Commerce Primary School and Kagithane NEF Primary School. IMM's Smart Recycling Container project is also receiving great support on social media.

The project, which was developed by IMM Directorate of Waste Management and IBB Affiliate, will be established at the 22 school determined by evaluating the requests. After the completion of infrastructure, electricity and data line operations in schools, Smart Recycling Container will be installed.

IMM also launched the Build-Operate model to expand the Smart Recycling Container project across Istanbul. With the system that includes the installation and operation of “Smart Mobile Transfer Stations” in the places needed in Istanbul, promotion will be given to the waste disposal of the people who throw waste. IMM will carry out the control of the project.

Social responsibility and environmental awareness especially for primary school children with the Smart Recycling Container project. kazanis intended to be.

The project that will develop the separation method at the source which will constitute the backbone of the waste management system will contribute significantly to the country's economy. Domestic and national design will be prevented from abroad.

At the Zero Waste Summit held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, on November 1, it was awarded with the “Zero Waste - Innovation Award” for its Smart Recycling Container project.

The President of IMM, Mevlüt Uysal, who received the award from Emine Erdoğan, said, “Many things that will affect our lives in the future will be hindered by recycling. A very important contribution will be made to Istanbul and our country economically. I believe that Smart Recycling Containers will serve in every part of our country in the coming years. Akıllı

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