TCDD Transport Wagon Technician Staff will be recruited

tcdd wagon technician staff in the province of 8 staff will do
tcdd wagon technician staff in the province of 8 staff will do

TCDD Transportation A. Ş. General Directorate of 8 will perform recruitment of personnel in the wagon technician province. OSYM 2018 / 2 preferences started.

2018 / 2 preferences 11 started to be received as of December. According to this, the applicants will be able to apply to the applicants in the wagon technicians. As a matter of fact, you can review the terms of reference for the purchases in other positions as a team. The purchases will be made in 8 province in the wagon technician staff. Accordingly, the provinces to be bought as follows;


In Adana, Ankara, Istanbul, Kars, Kütahya, Mersin, Niğde and Sivas provinces, purchases will be made in 8 provinces in total, the highest employment will be 10 people in Istanbul, and 4 people in Kütahya Tavsanli, 4 people in Sivas Divrigi district. The number in other provinces is as follows; Mersin Center will employ 3 people, Niğde Ulukışla 2 and Kars Center will employ 1 person.


In the applications required by the applicants; 2111, 7225, 2085, 2023 2061 7300 codes must meet the application requirements. According to the qualification codes, the candidates will be assigned to work in the shift system and they will be assigned with the positive results in the security investigation.

In training conditions; To graduate from Installation Technology and Air Conditioning Area and Branches, to graduate from Rail Systems Technology Area and Branches. It is desired to graduate from Electrical-Electronics Technology Area and Branches of Secondary Education Institutions or Industrial Automation Technologies Area - Industrial Electronics Branch, and to graduate from Mechanical Technology Area and Branches.

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