TCDD Reports Minister Denies

tcdd reports received refusal
tcdd reports received refusal

The 4 annual strategic plan of TCDD signaled signaling. Between 2015-2019, the strengthening of the signaling system was determined as the 'strategic objective'.

According to the news in the Republic, ”The 2015 annual Strategic Plan of the General Directorate of TCDD covering 2019-4 years, the completion of the signaling system in railway management göre strategic purpose yer was determined as the completion. In the plan, the weaknesses of signaling and electrified lines were counted between the weaknesses of TCDD.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, 13 deceased in a train crash in December. Dr. After the funeral of Berahitdin Albayrak, ğı The signaling system is not a sine qua non for the railway operation. Due to the absence of this system, there is no such thing as operating on railways, Bu he said. However, unlike Minister Turhan's assertion, TCDD's strategy plan, performance and signaling system requirements were included in the sector reports.

TCDD has prepared 4-2015 Strategic Plan 2019 years ago. Minister of Transport, Ahmet Arslan, who wrote the foreword of the plan, also talked about signaling works. Strategic plan, 2015'da 33 of the total lines of the signaling system to control the train traffic, the remaining lines are used by phone central control said. The plan, which is used mainly as a communication vehicle by the mechanic, stated that tel Our institution has the targets of signaling, telecommunication and electrification facilities to our existing conventional lines from modernization investments which will increase the line capacity. Ist

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