TCDD Transportation Completes 2018 In-Service Seminars

tcdd has completed 2018 service seminars
tcdd has completed 2018 service seminars

2018 II of TCDD General Directorate of Transport was completed with a ceremony held on 29 November 2018 with the participation of General Manager Veysi Kurt.

Evaluating the training seminar at the ceremony, General Manager Kurt, TCDD General Directorate of Transport not only to our country, a large part of the world's population from China to Europe, the Turkic Republics, Middle East, emphasized that a wide range of services.

Elde We have achieved the highest number of years in the history of the railway kurul

Kurt, who entered the railway sector as an engineer for the full 32 years, said that in the 2017, the first year of TCDD General Directorate of Transportation, the railway operator liberalized the railway transportation.

. Although we rented the 15 of our vehicle fleet to the private sector, we achieved the best figures of all time in the first year of our organization. In 2018, we see that we increased our cargo transportation by one thousand tons in 400 compared to the same period of the previous year, we have increased our passenger number in YHTs by one million, and two million Marmaray by conventional trains increase by 5 million passengers. I would like to thank all my colleagues who contributed. E

”Despite all kinds of challenges, we will become a world brand“

Despite all kinds of difficulties, the General Directorate of Transport TCDD will be a world brand will record Kurt; Uz At the moment 30 thousand people do the work we do with a thousand people 12. This family, which has all the difficulties with the leave of Allah, will achieve this vision in spite of any difficulties and our company will be able to achieve this by becoming a global brand. For our country, we will achieve this for our nation. Iz

”All of our staff needs to act economically“

Underlining that the railway management is a service branch that should be done with day care, holiday and winter, with great attention, care and discipline, Kurt underlines that the right owner should be given the right; ”We will deliver the rights of our employee, worker, officer, manager, institution, country, nation, world and humanity. We will challenge each owner by delivering the rights of each proprietor. We will give each other an asset without exception. We can't do this if we don't love each other so hard, there's nothing that love can't solve. We will surely value each other, we will love, we will give confidence, but we will struggle with the wrong and the missing. We will struggle to make our day beautiful today. " said.

It should be noted that all personnel should act economically; Kurt said that every business should have an economy, ”Or the terms such as logistics, R & D and quality cannot be mentioned. Saving time also saves economy. We are responsible for doing our job carefully and carefully. It does not matter where you are, if you want in the office, the train, the economy of the economy must be in every job. "He said.

”We will shape ourselves according to customer demands“

Kurt stated that they will be shaped according to the demands of the customers and they will use all the facilities for customer satisfaction. Müşteri We must create an awareness while doing our work, even if it is small. We need to trust our customers. We have to do our work with good quality and zero error. This brings success. This is what we aim to do with our trainings. The importance we attach to the training seminars shows the value we give you. Eğitim

Kurt stated that the high-speed train is expanding the vision of our people and he is very pleased to have his signature and labor under all these projects.

After the end of the training Veysi Kurt, who visited Kuşadası Municipality, visited Kuşadası Municipality Deputy Mayor Hakan Turhan and Municipality Council Member Canan İnanç and thanked TCDD Transportation family for the care and value shown. Vice President Hakan Turhan said that they were happy to see such a big family and a well-established institution in their districts and that their doors were always open.

The visit was made to the Governor of Kuşadası and the District Governor of Selçuk.

One-week 2018 program was organized within the framework of 35 Year I and II Term Education Program. About 1700 staff attended the training seminar during the year. In-service training seminars are planned to continue in 2019.

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