TCDD Employee Announces the Cause of the Train Wreck in Ankara

tcdd calisani announces the cause of the train accident in ankara
tcdd calisani announces the cause of the train accident in ankara

TCDD '' as an additional safety and security measures, the first commercial expedition before the start of the first commercial voyage operated on the line as a train 'as described in the guide train was also on the rails at the time of the voyage was the subject of discussion. According to the information obtained from soL within the organization, the cause of the accident is the large deficiencies in the signaling system. It was stated that there was no signaling system and the machinists communicated among themselves.

9 was killed in a high-speed train accident in Ankara this morning and 47 was injured.

The accident was caused by the head-on collision of the high-speed train and the guide train, while the two trains were collided.

On the official site of the TCDD, the guide trains are defined as yol Train as a safety and security measure, operated without a passenger on the line before the start of the first commercial voyage T.

The guide train that controls the line is the subject of debate even when it is started, and the reason for the accident is due to the problem in the signaling system.

A source within the institution, "the signaling system because of the problem of mechanic communicating with each other," argued, routinely conducted daily train control of the accident before the completion of the signal is due to the source, he said.


Chairman of the Board of TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Yusun Yener spoke about the issue.

Yener, bulun Sincan-Ankara line yet signalization is not available. It was under construction. Even the winners were communicating with each other by radio or cell phone. This is probably the cause of the accident. Kazan

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