Accounts of 2015-2016 of DHMI were released

The accounts of the dhminin 2015 2016 were discharged in the tbmm kit commission
The accounts of the dhminin 2015 2016 were discharged in the tbmm kit commission

In the State Economic Enterprises Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the balance sheet and final accounts of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) for the years 2015-2016 were released.

TBMM KIT Commission was convened to discuss the 2015-2016 year accounts and transactions of DHMİ General Directorate.

Funda Ocak, the General Director of the State Airports Authority and Chairman of the Board of Directors, in his presentation to the members of the commission, recalling that the general directorate has started operations at 1933, and that DHMI operates its 56 from the operating 49 airport.

January, 33 air navigation system including 393 radar system, XNUMX air navigation system to ensure safe, regular and minimal delay, said that the Turkish airspace is continuously monitored.

Having provided information about airline flight statistics, January, 64 said Ataturk Airport ranks first in terms of total passenger distribution as of the end of last year.

January, Ataturk Airport 31,3 million passengers Sabiha Gokcen Airport, 25,9 Antalya Airport, 15,8 million passengers through Ankara Esenboğa Airport million, 12,8 million passengers followed by IzmirAdnan Menderes Airport said.

January, the total investment cost 7,2 billion euros to Istanbul Airport, 1 January 2019 at the Ataturk Airport, said all flights will be shifted.

January, the center of aviation is shifting from the west to the east, "our national airline THY, Istanbul Airport, will provide a serious advantage." He said.

Çukurova Airport infrastructure and superstructure are described in two sections of January, the price increases, the rise in the construction of infrastructure due to the increase in foreign exchange rate at the level of construction 40 level, he said.

In the question of why the members of the commission were delayed at the delivery of Istanbul Airport, January stated that this was not due to them, they had requested permission from the General Directorate of Forestry after the signing of the contract but the General Directorate did not have the permission without project information.

After the completion of the projects, the permission was received, indicating that January, then delivered the place told.

Noting that there is no treasury guarantee in the Istanbul Airport project, according to the legislation, the 5,9 billion-euro project and the 4,5 billion-euro part have been granted a gere conditional debt assurance guarantee X, which means that the construction will cease to be a free-handed investment.

DHMI's tariffs on the tariffs of the hike on January, this hike is limited to 20 said.

January reported that there were two provisions on the subject of the Istanbul Airport specification regarding the future of Atatürk Airport. The first one, Ataturk Airport's passenger and commercial aircraft traffic to Istanbul Airport, shifting, and the second one, the operator of the Ataturk Airport, the lower tenants of the rights and obligations of the existing agreements with the transfer of the hand to Istanbul Airport, he said.

January, Ataturk Airport, aircraft and passenger traffic to Istanbul Airport after the move, training, maintenance and detached cargos and general aviation flights will be required to be announced.

Ada DHMI has nothing to do with the accident that resulted in the death of Yazicioglu “

January, CHP Zonguldak deputy Deniz Yavuzyilmaz, Yazicioglu'nun accident in the event that the loss of DHMI question, the accident in question, said there was no interest in DHMI.

”22,2 billion pounds were generated from the PPP“

2015 29 220 from the day of delivery of the place in Istanbul Airport in October 30 thousand people are employed, voicing January, 25 worker's work accident, XNUMX workers died in natural conditions, he said.

January, 18 public private cooperation (PPP) projects obtained from the income 22,2 billion dollars, paid guarantees that the 112 million dollars by drawing attention to the amount of 27,6 billion dollars, then stressed.

Subsequently, the balance sheet and final accounts of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority on the 2015-2016 years were released.


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