Drivers Attention! Istanbul is coming to profit

suruculer attention istanbula snow is coming
suruculer attention istanbula snow is coming

According to the information received from the General Directorate of Meteorology, it is expected that the rains that will be seen as strong rain in the province from the evening hours are expected to fall from the morning of Tuesday (tomorrow) to 4 ° C in the city center and to the 0 ° C in the high regions.

It is estimated that with the fall of temperatures, it will be seen as rain, snow and high snow. Snowfall, which is expected to be slightly effective in the northern and eastern regions of Istanbul until Thursday morning, is expected to be 1-2 cm in the city center and 3-5 in the high regions.

In line with the meteorological warning, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took measures against possible negative events. Under the IMM Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM), 7.083 personnel, 1.357 vehicles, 53 crane-rescuers, 147 tractors, and 33 tractors for the village roads are under the pressure of the citizens due to weather conditions. In order to prevent any problems in the Metrobus route, the XNUMX barracks vehicle is working. In addition, Fire Brigade, Road Maintenance, Transportation, Support Services, Rail Systems, Municipal Police, Park Gardens, Environmental Protection, Mukhtars and Food, Health Departments, White Table and other relevant directorates, İETT, İSKİ, İSFALT, İGDAŞ, İSTAÇ, İSBAK, Metro Istanbul, City Lines representatives are on duty at AKOM.

Our citizens can call the 153 White Table and Fire Brigade 110 to alert you of possible problems due to weather conditions.

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