Atalay's Support Visit to İZBAN Workers

turk is general president atalayas visit to izban workers
turk is general president atalayas visit to izban workers

On the 18 day of the strike of the workers in İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN), TÜRK-İŞ President Ergün Atalay paid a visit to the workers.

Ergün Atalay stated that she wished to be in İzmir since the beginning of the strike but that she could not do it because of the minimum wage negotiations. This is our house. The strike is the last system to be used and a rule. The only way out is that unionists and workers want to use it. In the beginning of the strike, you have followed the public. I'm a worker. I'm president of the workers. I'm the head of the railroad. I am the president of Turk-Is. We're a million family. When we collect, we are four million with our child. Now I know 18 is close to the ones here for the day. 18 is the insurance that you are insured, without charge for the day. What brings me, you know it all. The people of Izmir are disturbed by this, it suffers. I know him too. You know it. I want to say that it is not a job that we enjoy here. Bizim

Değil 417 lira is not a drums with a drums UM
Atalay said that he was the head of the workers, the poor and the retiree, and made efforts not to make mistakes. Our average fee is 950 bin 2 lira. Our friends are carrying 300 thousand passengers a day. They're all college graduates. We're at the minimum wage. We came to 300 thousand 2 lira point. The minimum wage was 20. They didn't leave what they didn't say. The unionist conducts seminars, makes panels, acts and strikes. He does this without breaking without spilling any space. When I gave this example, they said, this nation is pouring into the street. I'm going to tell who I am. I'm going to tell my people about the country. I'il tell the assembly. I'il tell the Ministry. Who am I to tell? I will come to you if I can't get out. At the minimum wage this is not a super fee. 98 lira drums is not a zurna fee but I do it under the signature with pleasure. Let me explain why. At night the employer's request was a thousand 417. If we ask the public, we wouldn't get the 850. We were there with the expectation on top of it. I am the president of the worker, the poor, the retiree. I'm trying not to make mistakes for him, am he said.

Bir The headquarters does not sign under anything you don't want “
decision-making process related to the strike, which first took place in Izmir in Turkey, Atalay stated that, "You are not where you are practicing something different in Turkey. Unions used to conclude contracts at headquarters. Here you guys are doing it jointly. Huseyin asks you. He asks us so it goes. Headquarters will not sign anything you do not want. Hüseyin does not sign. I do not sign ”he said.

Atalay said that there is a nine point difference between the employer and the union about the wage demanded. We are happy. You'il be happy. The people of Izmir are happy.

If people are suffering in the daytime, I know what you're taking. Who are those suffering? Your family is taking. Your neighbor is pulling. Your child is attracting your child. But these are the right mind. It is met at a certain point. We solve the matter. I spoke with our mayor. The mayor said to me, siz Percent 26 you signed at the minimum wage. I'm taking 26. There's no way I can give him anything. But there's a nine-point difference between what they give us and what we want. This is the demand of the friends here. The rightful demand of our branch. I'm gonna have to follow that. But if you score a point it becomes two points. We would bring it to a certain place, but there is no such situation. Izmir people pay the price for this. My friends here are paying me Benim

”There is no union of the MP and the party“
During the minimum wage process, and criticized itself about Atalay said: suç During the minimum wage process, we filed a criminal complaint. Why did I tell you to raise the minimum wage? I was provoking the nation. The trade unionists do this. Is that a union now? The minimum wage negotiations are over. The man publishes papers and thanks to the government. He says thanks to the president. At first, it is bad that this charge says a little. If it's possible, come on once. Let's see what happens. What you do is not the union of the unionist union. The MP is not a union. No party's union. You have a union worker. You're a union. This would be union, no others. Unfortunately, they continue to exist in our country. Let's see how long they will continue. Al

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