Smart Bike Period Begins in Sakarya

smart bicycle starts in Sakarya
smart bicycle starts in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a new study that will expand the transportation of bicycles. Fatih Pistil, who announced that they will establish 15 bicycle station to various points of the city, will be offering 100 bicycle service with our stations. Bike rental citizens will be able to provide transportation. Good luck. Hayır

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing a new study in order to expand the transportation by bicycle. Bike Sharing System in the head of the city to establish stations at certain points to be introduced to the citizens of the Transportation Department Head Fatih Pistil, said the tender was held for the study.

Bicycle awareness
Fatih Pistil said, m As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have carried out many studies in order to extend the transportation of bicycles in our city. We built new bike paths. We conducted awareness studies. Our bicycle road network is increasing day by day, the world's biggest bicycle organization with Sunflower Bike Island Mountain Bike Marathon World Championship will host in 2020. Now we are happy to bring a new work to increase the use of bicycles, ı he said.

15 different point
Fatih Pistil completed his statement as follows: in We will establish smart bike stations at various points of our city with Bicycle Sharing System. We will encourage bicycle transportation to our residents with the lease process. 15 will offer 100 cycling services to our stations. We made the tender. Hopefully, we will start our work in a short time and put our application into service. Good luck. Hayır



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