Silence After Corlu Train Disaster

silence after corlu
silence after corlu

25 people lost their lives and 340 injured in Çorlu train disaster. Faciada, the accident is covered by experts claim to be covered up

As a result of negligence and lack of control in the Çorlu train disaster, the 25 was killed and the 340 was injured. With the authorities who prevent the citizens who lost their relatives in the disaster from the social media, the disaster is covered by the experts. One of the experts who are close to the government, Professor. Mustafa Karasahin has consulted the Ministry of Transport, advising on high-speed railway line and advising on the renewal project of the Çorlu disaster. Another expert Sıddık Binboğa Yarman's board of directors of the company was overthrown by the signing of the signaling of the line was overturned. Mısra Öz Sel, who lost his 9-year-old son Oğuz Arda in the tragedy, spoke to Milli Gazete about the previous negligence of the disaster and what happened after that.


Mısra Öz Sel, mother of Oğuz Arda, who was killed in the accident, is the mother of Oğuz Arda, who said the experts are wrong people, saying: yaş The experts are familiar people, the followers. Persons in Pamukova who are connected with the company, which performs their duties and then advises the Ministry of Transport or has entered the tender for the signaling of the rail line. 9 is the expert who has included the company in which the expert is witnessing the signaling tender for the week before. Where is the provision of the expert law? Ner he said.


Sel said that the evidence was blacked out, olay What is the purpose of bringing ballast stones to the scene at 25: 03 event night, while the incident occurred and 30 died and the funerals were still being unloaded at night under 00: 00? Or the next day to start the repair of the rail, the rush a day after the start of the rush, why? There are still things like shoes, bags coming out of the soil after 20 week. A friend of ours found them at the scene. What are these not dimming evidence? Although they can not black out the eyes, they can not darken our ears. We all saw what happened that night. The scene, the hospitals and the morgue, Olay he said.


Mısra Öz Sel, using the expressions tı The disaster came by the eyes, ia told about the ignorance in the day of the disaster. Flood,, Meteoroloji'nın given the warning of the rainfall and taking no measure, no supervision. Canceling tenders for road repair. Road guards have been dismissed as not to have any allowances, no controlling. All who neglect this tragedy chain, also hold the rescue work, unless and until the time of Turkey's most open, most embarrassing, is one of the events has been left unattended, "he said.


Relevant to the event that nobody's dismissal, Selim said that the resignation, "This tragedy in the Republic of Turkey, the state's institutions due to a transport vehicle is a tragedy that perished in the disastrous way the citizens of this country. No one related to the incident has not been removed from office or resigned with a virtuous posture. There wasn't even a description. I appeal to all politicians, including power and opposition, with this disaster, and extend a helping hand for üzere justice Ben. Turkey's right to open it up in an event and needs to see that the implementation of a fair trial ", saying that they want justice.

Kaynak: National Newspaper

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