The End of the Sapanca Ropeway Project

the end of the Sapanca cable car project
the end of the Sapanca cable car project

Sapanca district of Sakarya, which will be held in the town of Sapanca Mayor Assoc. Dr. Aydin Yilmazer, "We have signed the construction license of our project, Sapanca, Sakarya and all our people get auspicious," he said.

Sapanca Municipality and Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. and Teleferik Holding A.Ş. After the ropeway contract was signed between the business partnership, signatures were signed for the building license.

According to the contract, the company delivered the projects related to the lower and upper stations and the cable car line to the municipality. After the project reviews made by the Directorate of Housing and Urban Planning, the building license of the project was signed by the municipal authorities.

The project mainly Sapanca Sakarya and President Yılmazer wished to be beneficial to Turkey, gave information about the details of the project.

Stating that the project has 2 section, Yılmazer said, iz We have signed the construction license of our Sapanca Ropeway Project today. Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa neighborhood will be located in the sub-station building + 1 floor will be composed. This building has approximately 600 square meters floor area, including boarding-landing platform, administrative offices, management offices and masjids, toilets, kiosks and technical areas. The floors will be accessible by escalators and elevators, and there will also be a 2 fire escape. In the lower station area, the session area of ​​the building was designed as a completely green space. There will also be a car park under the green area.

The upper station building will be in Mahmudiye Incebel location. The building, which will have a floor area of ​​approximately 810 square meters, will have boarding landing platform, cable car cabin garage, technical, warehouse and buffet areas. The station building will be composed of basement and ground floor Bur.

Yılmazer stated that all the details are considered in order to prevent damage to the environment and nature while preparing the project, he said:

Üzerinde 1500 pieces carrier will be sewn on 6 meter line except station output poles. The height of the poles is designed as the highest mast 47 meter for not cutting the trees in the area where the line passes. The plant will build its own transformer and receive energy from the medium voltage line. In no way will the city have a negative impact on the electricity. There will be a generator in the upper station to meet the needs of the entire plant in order to avoid problems in power outages. The cable car wagons will be completely transparent and will be illuminated by the LED light thanks to the solar energy panels. We think that it will add a beautiful silhouette to the city with its transparent day and night illumination. Parking lots were planned in order to prevent traffic problems. Roadside and other areas will be controlled by our municipality. Yol

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For 24

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