1 Billion 152 Million Lira Investments Continue in Samsun

samsunda 1 billion 152 million lyrical investments continue
samsunda 1 billion 152 million lyrical investments continue

The 'service and investment' wind started by the Metropolitan Municipality in 17 districts in Samsun continues. Mayor Zihni Şahin announced that huge investments in many areas from waste water treatment to drinking water, from light rail to Bird Paradise are being carried out at full speed.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's work on 17 projects in 1 districts with a total amount of more than 200 billion lira continues at full speed. In addition to these ongoing projects, an advanced technology Biological Waste Water Treatment Facility of 4 million TL will be built in 152 districts for infrastructure. Stating that 4 projects have been provided with loans and that they will find a permanent solution to the drinking water problem especially in Vezirköprü, President Zihni Şahin said, “The easiest thing is to produce excuses. We are not a person of this understanding. We did not make excuses. We continued the projects that started. We appreciated the services of the past and started new projects. In short, we were based on service ”.


Zihni Şahin stated that they have organized and started to implement a very intense work program since he took office on May 3, 2018, and said, “We immediately put this program into practice in our districts. As a result of intensive work, in a short period of 5 months, we built a total of 145 kilometers, including 50 kilometers of concrete roads, 305 kilometers of BSK roads and 500 kilometers of paved roads. As of the end of 2019, we have planned to complete all our group roads that joined our service network and eliminate the transportation problem in our neighborhoods. Our aim is to serve more, to contribute more to human life and comfort. Samsun will achieve these goals with the permission of Allah ”.


President Zihni Şahin also gave the following information about the ongoing work:

Many projects such as Alaçam Square landscaping, Kirazlık Mosque construction, Geyikkoşan Facilities facade arrangements, social facilities in Lâdik, SASKİ building in Terme continue. An investment of 120 million has been made in the light rail system. Test drives are in progress. Landscaping works between Kılıçdede Neighborhood and Cumhuriyet Square were completed. The tender for the works between the 2nd stage square and the port crossroad was held on 13 June. The construction of the Art Museum Project, which we received an award, is continuing rapidly. We have completed 65 percent of the Art Museum. In Bafra, new bus station works continue with the Kızılırmak Embankment Project.


The Kızılırmak Delta Bird Sanctuary was included in the 100-Day Action Plan of our President and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Within the scope of our project, facilities with a total construction area of ​​2 square meters, a boutique hotel, 271 square meters of wooden piers, a total of 306 thousand 3 square meters of parking, 256 square meters of wooden walkways and 602 square meters of suspension bridge will be built. Construction works of Kır Restaurant, Visitor Information Unit, Management Center Unit, Access Control Unit, Nature Education Center and Accommodation Center, Cernek Navigation Section, Wooden Walkways, Doğanca Visitor Promotion Center are continuing. In addition, within the scope of the project, efforts to arrange the old municipality building in Doğanca District as a boutique hotel with 54 rooms are continuing in order to eliminate the accommodation problem experienced in terms of staying in the delta of national and international tourists, especially birdwatching, spending more time in the region and especially contributing to the local economy. . ”


Stating that they will establish advanced technology Wastewater Treatment Plants with an investment of 11 million 600 thousand in Kavak, 10 million 870 thousand in Ladik, 11 million 380 thousand in Salıpazarı and with an investment of 118 million 357 thousand TL in Wednesday, Chairman Zihni Şahin said: continued:

“We are also revising the wastewater treatment facilities in Bafra and Terme districts. For this, 1 million 245 lira was allocated for Bafra and 3 million 732 thousand 565 liras for Terme. Sewerage, wastewater treatment plant and deep drainage works continue on May 19, amounting to 4 million 968 thousand liras, 8 million 520 thousand 227 lira in Vezirköprü and 27 million 194 thousand 644 lira in Yakakent. Investments in waste water treatment of 69 million201 lira in total continue.


Stating that they will completely solve the infrastructure, treatment facilities, road and drinking water problems, President Zihni Şahin said, “These are indispensable. Our people should not have any complaints on this matter. When we took office, we completed 26 projects with a total amount of 156 million 534 thousand 7 TL. We are continuing the construction of 5 projects worth 69 million 201 thousand 389 TL in 5 districts. We are establishing an advanced technology treatment facility in 4 districts, worth 152 million 207 thousand 000 TL, which we have taken into the program and borrowed from. "We will have provided a service of approximately 16 million lira with these 247 projects."


Reminding that works with a total amount of 36 million 115 thousand 553 liras are being carried out within the scope of 537 projects that will hit the drinking water problem with a scalpel, Zihni Şahin said, “We are implementing giant service projects. We are carrying out a thousand works worth 3 million 20 thousand 827 TL within the scope of 750 projects for stream improvement. In the field of sewage, we are carrying out a work of 17 million 60 thousand liras within the scope of 500 projects. 3 projects are ongoing for water treatment plants. These projects amount to 11 million 332 thousand 500 liras. We are continuing 75 projects in the infrastructure in total, ”he said.

Finally, Zihni Şahin said, “In short, we are mobilizing for 17 districts. We attach importance to infrastructure. For this reason, we continued the projects that started and started new projects. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. We carry out all of our works within the scope of voluntary municipality, in unity and solidarity with our middle mind and political will, ”he said.

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