Samsun Metropolitan Opened Roads, Saved in Snow

samsun big city closed roads
samsun big city closed roads

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin, rural areas continued to fight the snow throughout the night, continued rainfall in the closed roads in all areas opened, all kinds of negativity was intervened immediately. The patients were brought to the hospital, the 3 sister was rescued and the closed roads were opened.

In Samsun, the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality were mobilized as a result of heavy snowfall which increased their violence last night and especially under the influence of rural areas. Mayor Zihni Sahin, "Our teams continued to work in the countryside throughout the night, intense rainfall continued to intercept the roads closed at every point of the instant provided," he said.


President Zihni Sahin, snowfall and taken measures about the measures taken. Stating that heavy rainfall under the influence of especially high segments, Chairman Şahin said, Başkan Our teams were mobilized as of the night. We continue to spend intense work. We continue to work on snow clearing and road clearing. In addition, our citizens, who are in a difficult situation in any way, especially in health care, are being extended instantly Ayrıca.


Zihni Şahin stated that the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality were on guard with the graders, snowmobile salt trucks and the loader machines. The road works in the main artels in the region. An elderly aunt of 2 who was sick in the Salıpazarı Konakören Neighborhood was transported to the hospital as a result of our joint work with 1 teams. Again in our town of Asarcık a citizen of diabetes patients were removed from the hospital was started treatment, cık he said.


Tuesday giving information that a vehicle trapped in the connection to the district of Akkus Güzelbatan neighborhood of Ordu Governor Sahin, ğı to go to Istanbul in the middle of the road at midnight and the 3 brother was stranded due to heavy snowfall. Our teams shipped to the region after the 2 hourly fight by saving the 3 brother took the town center Tuesday.

Asarcık, Ladik, Havza, Tuespazari, Kavak, Bafra and Canik high thickness of the districts from time to time found the 40 centimeter found that the President Sahin, Kav the tools that survived the morning of the basin was saved. In Bafra, the work was completed by way of the Bengü-Sarpın group on the way to Havza Taşkaracaören. Vamirköprü closed in our district, the 2 road was opened for transportation. In these regions, our snow-combat teams are kept ready. As of this moment, there is no road to access. In addition, as of the morning in Alaçam and Yakakent also started the fight against snow. Ayrıca

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