Sabiha Gokcen Metro 29 opens at October 2019!

sabiha gokcen metro 29 planting in 2019
sabiha gokcen metro 29 planting in 2019

While the AK Party's candidate for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has not been announced yet, the tradition of continuing with the names of the district municipalities, which have not been adopted by the three-term rule, but also with the successful projects of the people, continues.

Pendik Mayor Kenan Şahin, who made a name for himself with his success in Istanbul, said that they will do the next 10 years in the light of his experience in the "Ask the President" program for the past 5 years. Şahin also gave a good news! He shared the opening date of the Sabiha Gökçen subway, which Istanbul residents are curiously waiting for…

Mayor Şahin said, “(Tavsantepe-Sabiha Gokcen metro) Our metro was commissioned in Pendik. Kadıköy-Pendik line has a very high demand for three stations as Pendik-Tavşantepe-Yeşilbağlar station. We are extending these stations. Currently, the last 1 year on the Tavsantepe-Sabiha Gokcen line. The countdown has begun.

We do not expect any major disruptions. Hopefully, from Sabiha Gökçen on 29 October 2019 KadıköyTransportation will be provided.

But it is actually the old suburb that will provide a very important opportunity in actual transportation. Hopefully our Marmaray will come into operation in December before entering 2019. We count the days for this. That line will relax a lot. We are making very serious preparations with IETT. Because in fact, our goal with IETT is not short lines but short lines. Free lines have now been set up so that we can get our people on the subway.

In fact, this is not enough, we also have the Tavsantepe-Tuzla line planned by our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Process 3 will be completed in 3.5 years. Our people respect urban legends very much. This is the route of the line has changed. None of this is valid. In any case, line routes are not determined when we want our lives in the evening. Therefore, let our citizens be good cheers. ”

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