Roads are Easier with Direction Signs in Başkent

roads in the capital
roads in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started the installation works of the new direction signs to ensure that the capital transportation is safer and more comfortable.

Mümtaz Durlanık, Head of Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they had renewed the system sheets that were found to be needed, worn and unusable on all sides of the capital, and said, u Our Mayor Assoc. Dr. We are trying to fulfill the demands of our citizens in accordance with Mustafa Tuna's instructions. We have started to work on the placement of new plates consisting of a thousand 400 teams and about 6 thousand direction panels at the points where the city is needed. Bin


The Metropolitan Municipality opens and renews the security signs on these roads, opening new roads connecting the capital to the most remote corners, reaching the asphalts, renewing the tears, and decorating the road from the road lines to the boards.

Metropolitan Municipality, which takes care to bring the capital roads to the standards, places a new system plate on the points where it is found to be needed, replacing the plates in the points where it has been found to be worn and unusable.


New directional signs, which can be seen easily during the day and night, reflecting the light in a correct way and produced by using reflective materials in accordance with the standards specified in the technical specifications of the General Directorate of Highways, also facilitate the adaptation of the drivers to the traffic rules.

Thanks to the direction signs, it is easier for locals and foreign guests to visit the city and find the direction and direction.


Durlanık warned that the installation works of new boards will be done quickly throughout the year and warned that not to hang advertising and brochures on the direction signs.

Noting that advertising and advertisement is forbidden, Durlanık asked citizens to be sensitive about this issue and said:

Ler Some of our citizens can use our sign and direction plate poles as renewed or newly assembled. In such cases, our drivers and pedestrians are having difficulty reading the plates and there are negative situations. Citizens of our request, such as our use of our masts board. Otherwise, administrative and fines are imposed according to the 2918 / 5326 clause of the law on 42 and the related articles of the traffic law 1.



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