5 Neighborhood Transport Problem Solved in Pütürge

5 has solved the transportation problem of the neighborhood
5 has solved the transportation problem of the neighborhood

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Pütürge'da 5 is expanding the way to the group providing the neighborhood.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out important works at the road services point in Pütürge, which has difficult terrain conditions; Arınlı, Meşedibi, Aslankent, Çukuroymağı and Esencik increase the group path from 3 meter width to 11 meter width.

Extending a large part of the 7.5 kilometer-long group road, the Metropolitan Municipality has adapted the road that passes between deep valleys and does not pass through the winter months.

3 meter road has been extended to 11 meter width

Concrete bundles of various diameters have been made to the stream beds and the group road where the patrols are arranged has been made more secure with the expansion works. The inhabitants of the region also said that they were very satisfied with the road expansion.

Citizens who noted that the road's previous state scared everyone, ası This is a difficult geography, the previous way 2 vehicle could not cross. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has been working on our way for a long time. It was a very demanding task to penetrate the rocks and extend the path. Much of the work has been completed. For the first time after many years we have received such comprehensive road services. In the continuation of these works, the road problem, which is the biggest problem with the asphalting of the road, will be solved. Our Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat has made important efforts to solve the problem. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to being our President. Olmak


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