None of the Subcontractor Workers in İZBAN

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no crew

In İZBAN, where permanent workers were on strike, the rejection response was given to the job demands of subcontracted workers.

Subsequent to the regulation that paved the way for the recruitment of subcontracted workers in the SEEs, the subcontractors working in İZBAN, who applied once again, came to the rejection response. The workers, who say that İZBAN is acting with the private company logic, are reactive.

İZBAN management, which causes the workers of İzmir to be involved in the strike by not accepting collective bargaining demands and causes the people of İzmir to suffer, is also subject to precarious work by contract workers. Following the staff arrangement, it was revealed that the applications of the subcontractor İZBAN workers, who applied once again, were rejected.

The bureaucrats of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, which is fifty percent share of TCDD, showed the TCDD to be excluded from the scope of the squad. However, the fact that the state economic enterprises (SEEs) were taken under the scope of additional regulation eliminated this justification. TCDD's subcontractors were asked for documents for the staff but not for the employees of İZBAN.


'IZBAN AS is out of scope due to current legislation' was given to the petition of the workers recently. The 40 station between Aliağa and Selçuk is located at the General Directorate of İZBAN, around 500, a private security guard and cleaning worker around 150. In particular, a large number of private security officers who had been refused a staff application resigned due to working conditions.


İZBAN workers who spoke to Evrensel complain about not being able to address them. Stating that the double-headed structure of the institution is problematic, the workers are against the principle of equality and the fact that both partners do not want to take responsibility. Workers hareket İZBAN does not see itself as a governmental institution and acts with the logic of a private company. 'The staff of the state does not cover me,' he says. What kind of a private corporation is a corporation which is a public institution of all things and a joint organization of both Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD? We want the right to be granted to other contract workers. Yes our salary is not going to increase, but during each auction 'We're not going to stay' we do not want to think, '' he said.


The cleaning workers working in İZBAN are organized in the DİSK / Genel-İş İzmir 7 Branch, but the workers are still working in the subcontractor company and the renewal of their tenders has caused confusion. The union's authorization applications are not finalized. Branch Secretary Özgür Genç stated that there are still many subcontractors working in the state without any job security. “We are trying to reach to İZBAN AŞ, TCDD, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry but the solution has not been provided. We want these workers to work unionized, work security and collective. İZBAN management does not want to undertake the cost. IZBAN is against the law and if necessary will move to the judiciary. Since there is no TIS in the middle, workers are employed in jobs other than job duties or in risky jobs. We will overcome the problems here with our organized power. Bur (Source :Universal)

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