Disastrous Train Accident in Niğde, 1 Dead 1 Injured

nigdede catastrophe train crash 1 1 wounded 1
nigdede catastrophe train crash 1 1 wounded 1

In Niğde Private Administration Intersection, a person was seriously injured as a result of the accident that occurred at the level crossing and the cargo train hit the light commercial vehicle and one person died.

At 05.00:39 at the level crossing at the Private Administration Junction, a person was seriously injured while the freight train hit the car in the accident that occurred. The freight train hit a light commercial vehicle with a plate of 51 DT 588, led by Mehmet Uğur (250), who was allegedly trying to pass through the opening in the corner of the closed barrier. Ahmet Yüksel (40) died in the vehicle, which was dragged in front of the train about XNUMX meters, and driver Mehmet Uğur was seriously injured. Mehmet Uğur was hospitalized with an ambulance dispatched to the region. The light commercial vehicle was removed from the rails after the inspection.




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