New Airport Departure Date for Istanbul Airport

new airport has been announced
new airport has been announced

29 The move to Istanbul Airport, which was opened in October, was postponed. The date of the transfer from Ataturk Airport to the new airport was determined as 3 March 2019.

The State Airports Authority (DHMI) sent a letter to the related institutions and companies on Thursday; Y As it is known, Istanbul Airport, which is coordinated by our administration, is ready for opening and that our stakeholders located at Atatürk Airport are transported to the Istanbul Airport without any problems (ORAT-Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer). to be determined within the framework of the air traffic procedures, to be carried out on 29-2018 30 31 2018 1 2019 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX on the date of the XNUMX to close to the commercial passenger transport of Istanbul Airport is planned to be opened to full capacity operation with the interest (a) has been notified to all our stakeholders.

In the last stage of the ORAT studies, interest from the Istanbul Governorship (b) in the evaluation made by the Governor's Office, in the light of the current meteorological information in the light of current meteorological information on the dates of the major adverse weather conditions, transportation route to be closed to traffic and traffic routing to other routes can be experienced in serious grievances, also registered It can be seen that there are difficulties in raising temporary registration procedures of the vehicle near 700 (no license) and that the customs and security personnel who will work at Istanbul Airport are evaluated to be able to create full capacity training, to complete the determination processes and to create serious difficulties in the transition to operation. will make all the add-ons of Istanbul Airport and Is expected to operate at capacity and with the function of seasonal conditions would be appropriate to avoid any major transportation services were defects at a later date to be desired.

As a result of the examination carried out by our Directorate General on the subject matter 29 Continue to carry out the operation initiated by the stakeholders to the Istanbul Airport, which was opened on October 2018, and in this process, THY AO continued to carry out a number of integration flights within the framework of the air traffic procedures at the Istanbul Airport. The date of the details of the details of the first ORAT meeting will be announced in the first meeting and the decision of the Istanbul Airport at the full capacity of the transition to the date of the Governorate of 03 March 2019 date has been considered appropriate.

In this context, in order to ensure that the Istanbul Airport is properly commissioned and that there are no problems in the process, it is necessary to make the necessary planning regarding the issues that are in the responsibility area of ​​all the stakeholders, to make the necessary distribution to all relevant organizations and to take the necessary measures by the Public Institution Organizations. Thank you. "

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