Good News from Aktaş, T2 Tram Line Will Be Integrated to Bursaray

mujde t2 tram line will be integrated into scholarship
mujde t2 tram line will be integrated into scholarship

Olay Newspaper writer Mustafa Özdal, in his corner, included statements by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş about Bursa transportation.

Mayor Aktaş, who made important statements to Özdal, talks about 2 alternative plans for the integration of the T2 tram line to Bursaray.

It is not a day that there is a new and radical change in Bursa transportation.
It is a fact that the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas, since the day he took office, a significant part of his work is devoted to transportation, the radical decisions in order to relieve the traffic does not stop.
Aktaş, which relieves the traffic in the main arteries with small touches at the junctions, is also preparing the Bursa 2035 Transportation Master Plan.
Aktaş, who promised that “there will be no transportation problems of Bursa until 2020”, is preparing to make another move.
Yesterday we talked to President Aktaş after the presentation of the Transportation Master Plan.
Aktaş gave the good news of the development of Bursa.
A major overhaul is on the T2 Tram Line on Istanbul Road.
The T2 Tram Line is integrated into Bursaray.
The details of the 2 alternative plan are as follows:

1. Project: The tram will be connected from the station in front of Türk Telekom to Bursaray's Kent Meydani station with 1 tunnel and 1 station. In other words, an underground line of approximately 500 meters will connect the tram and Bursaray. With this new line, both pedestrian and vehicle traffic will be relieved. The cost of this project is about $ 30 million. So, 160 million pounds.
2. Project: This line is considered as an alternative to the first project. Again, an alternative project that will integrate Bursaray with the tram, which extends from Şehreküstü from the tram station in front of Türk Telekom, and from Uluyol to Şehluüstü, underground. The cost of this line, which will be built with a 2 km tunnel and 3 new additional stations, is a bit more expensive: 50 million euros. 300 million lira with Turkish money. If this line comes to life, uninterrupted transportation from Ulucami to the Terminal will be possible with the rail system.
Which project will be implemented?
It is not clear which of these two alternatives will be implemented.
However, President Aktaş stated that they will definitely implement one of the 2 projects.
This is the new good news of President Aktaş about Bursa transportation.

What happened on the T2 Tram Line?

The T2 Tram Line, which extends from one end to Gençosman and the other to the Terminal, is about 10 km long.
The process for the T11 Line, which has 2 stations, started in November 2015.
The first tender in 2015 was canceled upon the objection of one of the participating companies, so the contractor firm had changed in the second tender.
The project, the construction of which started with the delivery of the place in November 2016, could not be completed despite about 3 years passed.
80 percent of the project, which the contractor company could not complete with the excuse of the exchange rate increase, was completed.
Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they will go to a new tender in 80, as 2019 percent of the work is finished.
For the new tender, the law proposal, which requires contractors not to pay fines due to the exchange rate difference, is expected to pass through the Parliament.
Immediately after passing the law, the contract will be terminated and a new tender will be held and the Istanbul Road will be tramized. (Source: Mustafa Özdal - Olay)

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