Mersin's Metro Project Attaches To Economic Crisis

mersinnin metro project has been attached to economic crisis
mersinnin metro project has been attached to economic crisis

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and GOOD Party Metropolitan candidate Burhanettin Kocamaz visited the Mersin Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MESIAD) with provincial chairman Servet Koca and his delegation. Mr. Kocamaz gave information about the investments during the visit and said that the sea bus and rail system projects stopped because of the economic hardship.

Speaking at the 2014'de promised a large percentage of the promises made President Kocamaz, Başkan Before 2014, everyone had an 5 plan in their minds. But in the municipality that we took over, we saw that 1 / 100 does not have a master plan and plans for transportation. We have started work immediately. Of course, you can not just work while preparing plans. You receive advice from institutions and organizations close to 90. You get an opinion from the ministries and finally approved by the ministry. The plans of the 1 / 100 were approved as a result of long efforts. Then we started 1 / 5. We are currently experiencing difficulties in agriculture and state water works in the 1 / 5. The first stage of the 1 / 5 thousand plans was passed by parliament. 1. From the Etap Çeşmeli Junction to the Free Zone-Highway Junction. But the part that will contribute to employment is the east. In this regard, negotiations with the ministry continues. Bu

Prepared for the project of the sea bus, which is one of the promises they gave before taking office, but the project is attached to the economic crisis President Kocamaz said, ın We came to these places before 2014 elections and shared our ideas and projects with you. The promises we gave at that time were realized to a certain extent. There are two projects that cannot be implemented but these are not the disruptions caused by us. First of these, we prepared a sea bus project for tourism. We did our research and bargain. However, it stopped investments due to the economic crisis. There is a situation caused by him On.

Another project that can not be implemented is the rail system project, President Kocamaz said, esi We made all kinds of preparations regarding the rail system. We also found the loan but again this government's circular to stop investments. The Monorail was the most practical thing about the Rail System. In other words, this train would go from the air without touching the infrastructure. This also had an advantage for us. to be a first in Turkey to see that people did not even come to Mersin. He would have opened the front for us for tourism purposes. However, while Mr. Binali was the Minister of Transportation, we also discussed a lot when he was the President. He said he didn't look at the work, but he had to go back to the metro if needed. First it started as a light rail but then turned into a subway. He'il be gone completely underground. We had the loan.

Currently the project is in the approval phase of the ministry. Am (the mersinhaberc)


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