Manisans Travel by Electric Buses in the New Year

manisalilar will take electric buses in the first months of the new year
manisalilar will take electric buses in the first months of the new year

Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, visited the 10 electric bus which reached Manisa after the electric bus charging station. Behind the wheel of one of the buses, President Ergun, electric buses in the first months of the new year said they aim to take service.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has contributed to the solution of the traffic of Manisa by means of the new project in public transportation within the scope of transportation transformation project and also renewed the public transportation means for the citizens to make transportation more convenient and comfortable in public transportation. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to take electric buses with new year in order to contribute to the solution of urban traffic problem. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, visited the 10 18 meter electric bus that came to Manisa. During the examination, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa Yilmaz Gencoglu, Chancers and Automobile Chamber President Salih Karaağaç, heads of the circle was present.

The Bus Performed The Trial Drive
President Ergun, electric buses, maintenance and service of the first charging station and administrative departments in the building found. President Ergun received information from the contractor company, then examined the electric buses. Examining the external image of the buses, President Ergun, after the examination of the buses inside the bus behind the wheel of the electric bus passed the test. Behind the steering wheel of the bus President Ergun, stating that they are very satisfied with the vehicles, citizens can charge their mobile phones in buses, stating that they have been working in order to use the wireless Internet (wifi) Department of Transportation.

Şubat It is aimed to be in service at the end of January to the end of February “
President Ergun, said in a statement after the test and test drive, the first 10 18 meter bus came to Manisa, said: 'Two days before that related to the Department of Road Construction and Repair, Department of Transportation and MANULAŞ had our meeting. These meetings will continue for another two weeks. Preparations for the study of preferential routes of these electric buses, which will operate on the main artery of both existing service routes and roads, have come to an end. I am guessing that we aim to put these vehicles into service in Manisa as of the end of January. I say goodbye already. Şimd

“We need to encourage public transport“
Underlining the fact that Manisa is among the leading cities in terms of number of vehicles and traffic density, President Ergün said, de When we put the field to serve such vehicles, we should encourage the citizens to use public transportation for transportation, not to use private vehicles. In order to reduce traffic in the city, the rate of public transport in Manisa is 8. He goes with his private cars to the destination of our citizens and then he has a parking problem. Today, thousands of industrial tradesmen come with their special vehicles and come with their cars. In those hours, which we call morning and evening peak times, when the buses are trying to bring our workers' brothers into the organized industrial zone, these vehicles in the main arteries of the city, especially on the east street and Karaköy line, cause a massive lock-up. New measures we bring in terms of traffic, preferential one-way applications with the introduction of these buses I hope that our main arteries will minimize the traffic we're calculating. We think that by experiencing and applying them, we will come to a better point by seeing the deficiencies and mistakes in the place. The biggest problem in 81 city, not only in Manisa, but also in 30 metropolitan areas, is to create new parking areas, to increase the parking spaces of existing vehicles. We have made improvements and additions to solve the parking space problem from the past to the present. According to the data received from the Police purchased most vehicles in Turkey, resulting in traffic and registration are taking place between the provinces of Manisa. When the number of vehicles per person is viewed in terms of the number of vehicles used in the city, you cannot prevent this. Life goes on. In that respect, in part, the improvements will come in the next process, but it cannot be solved fully if it is solved. O

Ulaşım Transportation time will be halved by new routes and buses “
Citizens using public transport to go to the destination of the average 45 minutes spent a time that attracted President Ergun, Er One of the most important factors when you go to a destination 45-50 per minute you go. With these new applications, we reduce this time by half. After all, traffic flow, 155 buses and electric buses use that preferential route, the new regulations on the lines reduce these arrival times by half. Of course, our people use these tools so little so far, long enough to go where they go to go where they prefer to use the car somewhere. We think that when we take these times down, our people will use public transportation more aşağıya.

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