Snow Alarm in Manisa

manisada snow alarm
manisada snow alarm

Meteorological General Directorate of Manisa, Selendi, Demirci, Gördes, Kula and Köprübaşı districts are expected to be a strong snowfall this evening. The Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa stated that the necessary measures are taken in the districts where snowfall is expected and the citizens can call the 185 solution center and Fire Department 112 for the possible problems that may arise due to the weather conditions.

According to the latest assessments made by the General Directorate of Meteorology; 25.12.2018 in the Aegean will start in the rain on Tuesday and the rain will turn into snowfall in the east and high parts of Manisa (Selendi, Demirci, Gördes, Kula and Köprübaşı districts) and is expected to be strong (10-20 cm). and frost must be cautious and cautious. Start-End Time 25.12.2018 11.00-26.12.2018 06.00 Baş.

Greater Teyakkuzda
After completing its preparations following the meteorological warning, the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa was alerted to the lack of any negativity. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement, doğr In line with the meteorological warning, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality took measures against possible negative events. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality under the direction of the Directorate of Road Maintenance and Repair staff, vehicles, city and village roads for citizens of the weather will not wait to be vigilant due to weather conditions. In addition, Fire Brigade, Road Construction and Repair, Transportation, Support Services, Municipal Police, Urban Aesthetics, Environmental Protection and Control, Mukhtars and Social Services, Health, Rural Services Departments, Solution Center and other relevant directorates are also on duty. Citizens, 185 Solution Center and Fire Department 112 to alert against possible problems that may arise due to weather conditions, "he said.


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